søndag 10. mars 2013

Spring is in the air....

Today we went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. It is still very cold, but we managed to se some signs of spring :)
This place has always a colony of swans, they are used to be fed by walkers so you can get very near them without hearing any "hissing sounds".

The diningroom was looking nice today :)

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Maria sa...

Still waiting the spring.. here was very beautifull day.. but very very cold!!

Unknown sa...

Last week Spring showed his nose here too, but this weekend it changed his mind:( the dining room looks lovely:)

Janne sa...

Flotte bilder Synnøve , å koselig å se bilder fra dukkehuset også :)
Snart tid til ett lite besøk ?

Margaret sa...

Beautiful photos of the swans and your dining room looks 'divine' in that light, I love it.

Giac sa...

Hello Synnøve,
What breathtaking pictures! Thank you for sharing, and I love your dining room. It looks so warm and beautiful.
Big hug,

Sans! sa...

It is a wonderful change isn't it when Spring arrives.

minwks sa...

Wonderful light in those photos. So glad you are finding time to post once again.
The pic of the swan and the blurred sun is so pretty.
Regards Janine

synnøve sa...

It was a cold day here too...I hope signs of spring soon will come to your place too :))

synnøve sa...

Thank you Sab:)... Well we expect snow next weekend... So says the weather forecast.... I hope they are wrong !

synnøve sa...

Takk Janne :))
Klart det !!!!

synnøve sa...

Thank you Margaret,
Swans are always nice objects.... Wish I had my real camera though!

synnøve sa...

Thank you Giac, I am happy you enjoyed the pictures :))

synnøve sa...

Hello Sans, it is very nice indeed... But it is still very cold and we expect snow next weekend ... I guess things will warm up after Easter :)

synnøve sa...

Thank you Janine, well I had to get started again some time... And it is so nice to visit blog land again :))

miniacollection sa...

That was a beautiful walk. Here we thought that spring had arrived last week but now it's winter again with even some tiny snowflakes today.
Your dining room is really fabuluous.

Flora sa...

My dear Synnove,
much later, I come to sit down a little in your dining room to rest and have a chat. I'm sorry that this busy life deprives us of the pleasure of being with friends, but when this happens, it is a sweet consolation :-)
I love your styleromantic and impeccable at the same time, and I'm not surprised at all that your taste is enhanced in real life :-)
Have a nice Spring
An affectionate hug,

synnøve sa...

Thank you so much for the nice comments Geneviève and Flora :))

Norma Bennett sa...

Aren't the spring flowers the most special of the year, they seem to have defied all the odds to have survived the winter to bring their beauty back to us again.

Lovely to see your French room again - by the way - I've just published photos of my kitchen and tiny dining space so pop over and have a look :)

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so lovely ..:)

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