torsdag 29. april 2010

My work space!

The desk is made by a kitchen work top. I have my big Mac for photoshop and photos, a real big work Mac, and my little sweetheart the "Macbook" is for writhing and browsing the net. The shelf at the end of the desk is great for storing a diversity of small items! The chair looks lovely, but it needs a pillow or a replacement!

Behind the Mac is my not so trustful Canon printer/ comes up with an error message all the time, but I have learned how to fix it!!!! A self-made message-board filled with pictures of my children in various ages!

The french house in all it's unfinished beauty!!!

It is placed upon some drawers on wheels from Ikea, looks kind of unsteady, but it not!
Works fine for being able to turn it around....when the fronts are finished I need to come up with another idea of course!!
Behind the Ikea chair an ikea shelf filled with 5% of my beloved books and more photos. 

There are no pictures on the walls yet. I need to come up with an idea how to hang them from the skirting of the ceiling!!

Victoria's house needs to be moved into... everything still in boxes!

The tall shelf is filled with interior books and interior magazines!
I have moved 3 times the last year and each time I throw some of them away.. it hurts my heart, but they weigh  SO much!!!

So, this is my sanctuary and my studio, Hopefully I will be inspired both from the room, the nature and all of you great talented blog-friends out there :D

tirsdag 27. april 2010

My cosy corner!

I am kind of exhausted after carrying all my belongings down stairs up stairs....Sunday was the big "moving day" and I had rented a big car, luckily it was big enough for everything. It takes one hour from the flat to the new home, and after unloading everything ( me and my man) we had to drive the car back down again.. one hour down and then back home!! My back, my muscles, everything is acing....I am to old for this!!! On Monday  I drove back and did the washing of the flat... not that it was so dirty, but i wanted to do it properly... took me all day!! So today I have carried some more, and placing a lot of  stuff......I decided to change the bed to fit in better with the furniture. The pictures are not up yet..but still, looks kind of cosy like this too.... quite different from the french house!!!

fredag 23. april 2010


Nothing much new to the kitchen except the bench and sink. Also added a curtain!

Kivas wonderful fruit, veggies and fish pie, Christels delicious cupcakes and lovely glasses from Gerd Felka. The rest: se earlier kitchen posts.

lørdag 17. april 2010


I want to thank all of you for  leaving such nice and encouraging comment's on my post's and for being out there! I appreciate each and every one of you!!!
Have a wonderful weekend :D
Lots of hugs and kisses!!

torsdag 15. april 2010


The kit of lavender was purchased in 2007 at the Miniatura in Birmingham. It was my first fair and I was overwhelmed to finally have access to so much miniatures. We had just one day, and in just one day I also had to find the best exhibitors and the nicest minis to photograph for my newly started miniature magazine: "Et Dukkehjem". I was very modest and had to fight my way in between all those eager english women standing like a firm barrier in front of the vendor!!! But I made it and I was quite pleased with the result.
Anyway, I had some time in between photographing and managed to by some stuff. This kit is from a vendor by the name; "The Miniature Garden Centre".
I don't know if I am completely happy with the result, I feel they are not real enough?
I have also played around with the Laduree label in photoshop, and this is my first attempt to print on fabric.
Visiting Christel some time before Christmas, I was lucky enough to be part of a miniature club meeting
and I made my first attempt to make one of those pitchers that you all can make so well. My first is the one at the left! The second one was a lot better, and I also made a pink one for Victoria:)
The stands were made by coincidence, just playing around!

It is the second time I rip this chair apart and change the fabric, I think this gives it a more french and right look?
Quite happy with the pillows too!!

onsdag 14. april 2010


In addition to the lovely gift from Ana, I purchased this lovely and very cute teapot from Crazy4minis, it is made by the talented Veronique Cornish. For a little easter goodies I choose the delicious and elegant cupcakes made by the talented, and funny, Sarah Maloney of Dollhouse Kitchen Miniatures.
I also received my book-orders from Tree Feathers, and amongst them was this lovely little pink book titeled; "Ritual and Romance, The Etiquette of Tea".
And as always the wonderful tea-cosy made by the lovely and talented miniature stitcher Rosanna.

The other jar is places on the mantelpiece along with some other treasures; The round "gold" box is actually the top of a tiny bottle. The statue is made by Neil Carter, it is a copy of a french statue from around the time of the revolution. Then there is a silver tea caddy from "Simply Silver".
The little animal; dog /sheep? is made from recycled ivory and purchased from Eileen Cohen of "Lovely Things-Childhood Memories" at the Guild Show, New-Jersey.
A little frame made by scrap-book material, the clock, found at the Portobello marked in Notting Hill.
And the bird, only showing his tail, made my Cilla, Minst!

The book cabinet is filling up nicely!
Next to the lampshade at the left side is a copy I made from one of my own books; Reynard the Fox. next to it on the left, a readable book made by "Truly Scrumptious Miniatures" 

Glass by Gerd Felka, book from Tree Feathers and the fantastic fruit made by Kiva

Mirror, bowl and statue made by Cilla, Minst
The small "pictures" made from cheap ear-rings.

The bird!

lørdag 10. april 2010


No miniatures today either! Just some pictures from a wonderful skiing trip to the "Sølen" mountains nearby my new home. We started walking at about 9.30 this morning and was home at about 18.30 Pm!
It was a fantastic day, the sun was shining and the snow was great. It was a bit hard to walk up those steep
slopes almost to the top...but we did not walk all the way to the top today! It was so fun to run down again!!!

The mountains lies ahed of us!

A man and his mountain!!!

Time for rest and some food!!

Time to say goodbye and head for home!

torsdag 8. april 2010


We made it, just in time for easter and Victorias arrival!
This is not a very sharp picture, but I think it looks so cosy:)

At the time this picture was taken, the bed was the only furniture in the room. Later on, we placed my worktable under the other window. Lots of light........

Like Linda I love to see my dollhouse all lit up in a dark room! Kind of nice to see it without furniture too.....

Victoria had a really nice time, she enjoyed the big house, all the people visiting and of course the big easter egg!!!
The weather was not the best, fog and rain most of the week. But saturday arrived with very nice weather, lots of sunshine and quite warm. 

Saturday she went downhill skiing, saturday she tried the snowboard!
She was quite good at the snowboard too!!!!