søndag 21. februar 2010

Making the outer walls.

View from the small hall

The french house is not going to have hinged doors. The outer walls on both sides are going to be lifted off. Because I am so lazy and I thought it was boring at the time I made the room itself, I deferred to make the last wall of all the rooms!!! O boy, do I regret that now!!!
O well, I did the dining room wall on thursday.... it was not too bad! The problem is more due to lack of enough wallpaper and skirting. So I need to buy more of course. And living far from a miniature shop I need to order by telephone. Hard to describe skirting by phone......
             Corner joint was okay.       I really like the light in this picture

The wall and the window seen from the livingrom.

onsdag 17. februar 2010


Tonight I have ben watching this FANTASTIC film : Le fils de l´épicier.
If you love France and especially Provance, this is a "must see".
The countryside, the atmosphere and the people of this film are so breathtaking beautiful, I almost cried watching it... it went straight to my heart!!
Now I am going to watch it again...and again....and....

søndag 14. februar 2010

"Veux-tu être ma Valentine chère Chanel?

Bonjour, mon nom est Chanel! Aujourd'hui, j'ai reçu ce cœur de chocolat de quelqu'un qui m'est si chère, mon cher Philippe!"

My name is Chanel! 
Today I received this chocolate heart from someone so dear to me, my darling Philippe!!
I haven´t heard from Philippe for a long time, and this was such a surprise. I had to take a seat in the hallway and just admire the beautiful box filled with delicious chocolate! I noticed it was purchased from Sarah Maloney` Dollhouse Kitchen Miniatures. Ahh Philippe always had such a good taste!!!
Speaking of good taste; I really like my new purchases from Minst.com, the mirror, the bust and the bowl with a stand.
And I who did not even imagine that he was in France, and now he´s here, in Paris!!
I even went to Ladurée yesterday, to by some chocolate for my self, never dreaming of receiving any Valentine gift!!!
I need to find his old love letters and read trough them, while I am having a cup of coffee and some chocolate!!!
The nice cake stand with chocolates and the cute little Eiffel tower are purchased at Paris Miniatures. Emma actually designed an Eiffel tower shaped chocolate for me!!

It will be so nice to read his romantic letters again, they are a real treasure to me!
And tonight I am meeting him again!!! Ahh.. about time I got my hair fixed!!!
But ohh...I need a new outfit, may be something from Coco.....
O´ I am so happy to meet my dear Philippe ! I am sure I will have a wonderful Valentine day and that is my hope for all of you too. 
Happy Valentine day!

O 'Je suis si heureux de rencontrer mon cher Philippe! Je suis sûr que j'aurai un jour de Valentine merveilleux et ce n'est qu'un espoir pour vous tous aussi. 
Bonne St Valentin!

onsdag 3. februar 2010

Je me sens aujourd'hui romantique!

I arranged this table today, inspired by all of your different valentine posting over the last week. Also celebrating the arrival of these lovely vine glasses and decanter from Gerd Felka.
Imagine the joy of opening  your mailbox, discovering a parcel you had forgotten all about!!!
It was such a great surprise! Expensive, but great!!!
And some how February is a special month of the year for me....

The roses on the top of the cabinet and the macaroons on the pewter plate, are made by Christel.
The tea cosy is stitched by Rosanna, the macaroons on the small plates was a gift from her!
The rose-cake is made by The English Kitchen.
The bouquet of pink roses is made by a talented lady from Thailand, living in Bergen.
I am not done with the stitched carpet yet, and actually I don´ t know if it will be any good for this room. In the mean time I have borrowed the carpet from the living room!!
J'espère que vous l'aimez!