torsdag 23. september 2010


Strange heading you might think.....but it is the name of the new dog in the french household!
I, and Chanel of course, have got the most wonderful little Yorki (Yorkshire terrier) from the talented and ever so kind Lucy Maloney of "Designer Dog miniatures".
He is a superb and tiny little copy of the dog i had as a young girl. His name was of course; Bastian
(maybe short for Sebastian?)
Lucy Malony can make a copy of your dog or cat, or a dog and cat of the type you wish for in miniature.
Read more about Lucy here.
Thank you so much Lucy :))

Chanel is so happy about her new little friend! The breakfast in her kitchen is so much more fun with little Bastian jumping exited around her feet!

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures who doesn't serve right to the fine fur and quality of the little dog, I had to take them with the Iphone !!!!

søndag 5. september 2010

Swap with Norma!

Earlier this summer I received a parcel from Australia! It was from Norma!
Thank you so much Norma for these absolutely lovely and fantastically made items you sent me:))))

Norma made a fantastic screen for the french house. Panels witch is going into the "brocante shop" at the first floor, fabric in a shelf for the sewing room. She made me a very beautiful pink bowl and also sent me the cutest little porcelain kangaroo!!!

The screen is just so beautiful!!

And even from the back it's a beauty!!

                                             Thank you so much Norma for these treasures!