tirsdag 28. april 2009


Hello and welcome to the new followers. It´s so nice to see you :D

fredag 24. april 2009


Welcome new followers :D

fredag 17. april 2009


Welcome new followers. Nice to se you:-)

tirsdag 14. april 2009


Denne kofferten kjøpte jeg i Antibes, Frankrike i fjor høst. Jeg kjøpte den i en butikk som heter "Pierrot la Lune". Innehaversken av butikken hadde bare fornavnet på damen som hadde laget den, Ingrid. Hun bodde i Biot, utenfor Antibes. Er det noen som kjenner til henne?
Kofferten skal jeg ha i atikvitets/blomsterbutikken i det franske huset!

I bought this trunk in Antibes last fall. The shop is called "Pierrot La Lune". The shopkeeper only new the makers first name; Ingrid, and she was living in Biot outside Antibes. Does anyone have any knowledge about her?
The trunk is going into the antique/flowershop in the french house!

fredag 10. april 2009

Welcome new followers!

Welcome new followers, always nice to see new names, and look into new exciting blogs!
A happy Easter to you all, from the Easter bunny; Chocolate and me!

onsdag 1. april 2009

Vanity table for the french house

Here is my vanity table for the dressing room in my french house. Yesterday I was really inspired and started doing this. It´s going in the room behind the bedroom. From this room there is going to be a stair down to the living room. 

The chair is made by my youngest daughter Victoria! The table has a piece of lace around it,
All of the perfume bottles are made by me, also the pink book at the end of the table. (I´v used some very thin chocolate tinfoil to rap around the book) The wrist watch, hairpin and fan are made by Cilla (minst.com) The Easter chocolate thing on top of the book is made by an italian "company" : Bet Un Mondo in Miniatura  The pink tray is made by Victoria Fasken. The "Camé" and it´s box are made by the sweedish; Mette Möller, "Memdolls"( I think she only sells at fairs, and she was at the Stavanger fair) I bought the lamp at a british fair. The neckless and the mask are also from different fairs. I got the wallpaper from a store in Bergen, it´s real size!