torsdag 28. januar 2010

I found a new blog!

Sometimes when I look trough new posts I see interesting pictures in the sidebar, the blog listing.
Today I found a blog from Finland made by Varma (I hope this is your name!!!) She has decided to tell her family story through her dollhouse. I really recommend you to look into this blog. Fantastic fabrics, looks like she makes her own furniture too! For those of you who like wizards and Harry Potter...a must look!!!

tirsdag 12. januar 2010

Certains détails!

Here are some details of the "Daybed" in the living room.

The letter box is made after an inspiring picture in someones blog. I wanted to find the picture and credit the person, but I am not able to find it on those blogs I thought had the picture!!!!!
If anyone recognize a box like this; please let me know!
And of course the miniature letters that Linda started producing and kindly passed on as gifts to a lot of blog friends.


torsdag 7. januar 2010

La salle à manger!

I guess I can say that the interior work is done in this room. I am not completely sure about the furniture but they will do for now. I am almost finished with an embroidered carpet for this room, but I don´t work with my miniature as efficient as some of you :) I have set the table for a visit. My french lady is a bit nervous for this visit. Her house is not so elegant as her friends house, but still, she hope her friend will enjoy her stay anyway. She´s been traveling a long way.......

The wine bottle is from Hanneke, two of the plates are puchased from, but one of them is a gift from Arantxa. It´s a Eurominis plate, and looks almost as nice as the one from Minst.
The fantastic pears are a gift from Kiva, next to another gift from Nancy; celery!
When I visited her this summer in Minneapolis, she was so amazed and amused to learn about my love of celery, I eat almost one packet a day!!! Any way; we were visiting Little enchantments and when she spotted the celery she just had to by me one in miniature too!!
The cheese board is made by Christel. I got the cupcakes and the macroons in a swap with her.

She (the french lady) really need some new drinking glasses for setting the table, these are her simple kitchen glasses. The problem is her shop. She tends to sell everything. If a customer asks for nice old drinking glasses she would sell hers if he likes them!!
Her guest is custom to much nicer drinking glasses, but she hopes she wont mind. After all, it´s the company that counts!!
Oh, I almost forgot; the small petit point purse made by Minst , is a gift for her friend!