fredag 16. juli 2010

Finally the "Holiday swap" opening!!!

And thank you Terry!!

I am so happy with the parcel from Terry!!
The most beautiful items were discovered today ;)))

A fantastic handmade guitar, my favorite flower; a blue hydrangea, a delicious salad (again my favorite!!) and the yummy ice cream glass as a desert!
Thank you SO much!!!
Every thing is a little treasure :)))

I have traveled to Portofino, purchased a bottle of Italian wine, and I am waiting for you to come and play the guitar for me :)))

Thank you so much Caterina for arranging the swap, and Terry for all these beautiful minis!!!!

torsdag 8. juli 2010

Arrival of "Holiday swap" parcel!!!!

My parcel from the "Holiday swap" aranged by Caterina.
My parcel has traveled from Genoa; Italy. And knowing other talented ladies from Genoa, I know that the items from Terry will be of high quality!!!
It is hard to wait, but I must not open until july the 14th!!!!

Thank you Terry!!!