onsdag 19. mai 2010

Gifts and purchases.


This lovely urn is almost like a bride bouquet!
It was a gift from a very talented Japanese friend; Yukari Miyazaki
It is very tiny and delicat, and those white flowers in between are soo tiny!!!

The Luis Vuitton bag is a gift from Jose Gomez
A spanish bag and suitcase maker, specializing in copying Luis Vuitton.
He has their permission and blessing to do so, and are one of the few or non, outside the company equipped with their product catalogue!!!!
The hat box was one of the first really expensive items i purchased!

I love this statue made by Neil Carter
It's a copy of an unknown artist, she is called "Fisher woman with a basket"!!!

The necklace is made by Ursula Stürmer, purchased at The Kensington Dollhouse Festival some years ago. She has no website, but click on her name and the page from Birmingham Miniatura will give you her contact info.

This beautiful Art Nuveau lamp is made by Cilla, Minst.com
All the lovely items below are from her clever hands!!!


onsdag 12. mai 2010

A sweet and friendly award!!!!

I got this award today from THE PINEAPPLE MAN
I found his blog trough a comment he made on a mini-blog somewhere...
He had a dream of hoping to reach 48 followers!!! 
I looked trough his blog and found that it was an amusing and funny blog with a lot of nice pictures;
well worth a visit!!!!
I could not resist being the 48th, seing he had reached 47...:))
I don't pass on awards!

søndag 9. mai 2010

Off to the "Masquerade Ball"!!!

Chanel's dress for the Masquerade Ball was ready friday evening!

She is so happy about it!!!!

She has spent a lot of time in front of the mirror!!
She had to try on the mask with the dress, and she is quite pleased with what she can see!!!

She is not used to wear a dress as big as this, so she had to figure out certain things.....
And put on some make up for when those masks have to come off!!

All day she wore the dress, restless walking from room to room.
Now she can't find her mask!!!

She found it in the bedroom!!

She decides to walk around wearing the mask, she wants to get used to it.... but I think she like the way she looks!!!

She can really feel the butterflies in her stomach now,  she walks restless from room to room!!

She finally rested a bit in her living room, and decided to calm down with a glass of wine!!

"O' no I cannot drink wine she thought...I have forgotten to eat anything!"
She poured herself some coffee and tried to think of anything she had an appetite for..

"Ahh.. one of Christel's delicious cupcakes is what I want now!"

"Ohh...lucky me!!!"

Now she's upstairs again for a last look in the mirror and a spray of her favorite perfume.

She is ready to be picked up !!!

It is a warm and nice evening, the ball is going to be so much fun!!!
I think she is hoping Philippe is hiding behind one of the mask's tonight...


tirsdag 4. mai 2010

Larissa's little masterpiece!!!!

Seeing this incredible beautiful coffee pot in Juliannas blog I knew I had to have one like it!!!
It is made by the very talented Larissa from the blog Lil´la! Please visit both blogs for a lot of wonderful minis!!!
The writing desk is a kit : Miss lydia Pickett's Cottage Collection, purchased from Crazy4minis

Chanel is invited to a masquerade ball and is very exited, she has purchased the mask and ordered a new dress! The little dog belongs to a customer who is on vacation!