tirsdag 21. desember 2010

What a nice surprise!!!

Today it is so cold that being outside makes it hard to breath !
But a heartwarming parcel was discovered in my mailbox...thank you so much Rosanna!!!!
I love everything :D

These pictures shows how I have displayed some of the gifts received from Rosanna, Norma and Terry

Bastian is so cute, and he is enjoying his new home tremendously!!

Chanel is enjoying him and his company...he might get a bit spoiled!!
The gingerbread cakes from Rosanna was really yummy!!

A nice quiet evening with a good book and a cup of coffee....

torsdag 9. desember 2010

Long time no see (blogging).....

Hi all friends and followers,
Sorry about the long absence from the blog world!

I am well and in good health and so is the rest of the family. 
Some of the reason for my absence is of course work. As some of you know I am working 50% in a school library. Due to all of those nice holidays we have in the school system, I need to work more hours on a daily basis to even out the free time. And getting just half the paycheck that I need, I must work more. Luckily there is another division of this school, a school for children with different learning problems. These students are living at the school
and need people to take care of them after the end of the school hours. That is my job in the evenings, a couple of days of the week. After ending the day in the library I drive over to this place, and start working at 15.00 and finishes  at 22.00 in the evening.

And i moved again!!!
Too much Moose, trees and lack of people at the farm!!!
I am now back in Rena in a smaller and better apartment.
So as you may understand I am quite busy with everything but minis!!!
My french house is now placed in my living room. It is almost completed inside, but still in need for the exterior work....
But Norway is a dark place at the moment, and when I return home in the evening it is totally dark! As soon as I have some spare time and some daylight I will try to take some better pictures. Lucy Maloney's adorable gift (Bastian) needs to be photographed with a good camera!!!
So until then, here 's a bad and dark picture from the new place and some nice frosty pictures from Hedmark county (Rena, Koppang, where I work and Rendalen is in Hedmark county)

A big hug to you all from Synnøve