mandag 26. januar 2009

Thank you Erika!

Thank you for giving me an award Erika,
even though I almost never publish anything on my blog!

I´v being very busy making the new magazine for my new
home town and I will publish the address for the home page as soon as the magazine is put out on the page. 
During the weekends I am living at my boyfriends farm, trying to relax and do some cross country skiing. Sunday I did about 10 kilometers!!! 
I am thinking of moving my french house to the farm, then I can do some work on it soon....

tirsdag 6. januar 2009


Her må det gjøres masse !
This shop need a lot of work and details!


Dette er det rommet som er nesten slik det ferdige resultatet blir. 
This a  room that looks almost as I want it to do!


Masse detaljer mangler og bordet er altfor "nytt".
Still missing a lot of details and the table is looking too "new".

Sy rommet

Her er nesten ingen ting ferdig!
The sewingroom,  but it´s far from finished!

mandag 5. januar 2009


En nærmere kikk på detaljene i soverommet.

A closer look at the bedroom details.

Endelig noen nye bilder!

I anledning et intervju i lokalavisen her om dukkehushobbyen min måtte jeg forte meg å møblere det enda uferdige franske huset.....
Det er ikke sikkert det blir helt slik når det er ferdig men dette er omtrent slik jeg vil ha det.
Har enda masse bilder og ting til huset men det kommer etterhvert!

I was giving an interview to the local newspaper about my dollhouse hobby and had to quickly furnish the still not finished french house....
It is probably not going to be quite like this when it´s finished, but this is almost like I want it to look.
There is still a lot of pictures and small items to put in it, but they will be there later!

An award!!

Thank you Rosanna, you are so kind!
I am just sitting here doing some work on the French house,
and I hope to post some new pictures tonight.
Thank you so much for the award :-)