torsdag 17. desember 2009

French kitchen??

I am of course not done with the kitchen. It´s kind of too clean, it need to be more shabby!!
I made the niche around the window, but I have to make it look like it´s belong to the original wall, and I don´t have a sink that fits the space. Okay...I need to make one... or  buy???? I don´t know yet, but it will probably take some time to decide, and get it done!
So enjoy what I have done so far;
The cute wall cabinet is made by Evelyne Fontaine at; /

I have made the picture extra big so the wonderful food from KIVA are more visible. She made the nectarines, the fish pai, tomatoes and the mushrooms!!! The food looks just great!

I´v got the nice wine bottle from Hanneke from Holland, she also sent with them a cute wine opener!
The rolling pin and the items hanging by the stove are purchased at  the Italian fair;

Some of the food items on the shelf are purchased at the same italian fair, the jars are from Country Treasures at; The Kensington Dollhouse fair

Notice the cute mouse on the toaster made by David Ward!
But does the kitchen look French at all? I know, I should have used tiles...but I made it several years ago now...and I did not know so much back then. But it´s a nice floor in it self!

lørdag 5. desember 2009

Cosy dollhouse friday!

My daughter Victoria (12), was so lucky, she got a lovely Christmas cake from Margaret Cassidy.

This friday we decorated the Christmas tree in her dollhouse. We chose pastel colors to go with the decoration of the house! It made the Christmas spirit come to me =)

torsdag 3. desember 2009

Le salon!!

I think I am close to being finish with this room! There is of course the "small" matter of hanging up the curtains, and a small writing desk is going were the chair with the pillow stands. It just need to be located and purchased!!!