tirsdag 21. desember 2010

What a nice surprise!!!

Today it is so cold that being outside makes it hard to breath !
But a heartwarming parcel was discovered in my mailbox...thank you so much Rosanna!!!!
I love everything :D

These pictures shows how I have displayed some of the gifts received from Rosanna, Norma and Terry

Bastian is so cute, and he is enjoying his new home tremendously!!

Chanel is enjoying him and his company...he might get a bit spoiled!!
The gingerbread cakes from Rosanna was really yummy!!

A nice quiet evening with a good book and a cup of coffee....

torsdag 9. desember 2010

Long time no see (blogging).....

Hi all friends and followers,
Sorry about the long absence from the blog world!

I am well and in good health and so is the rest of the family. 
Some of the reason for my absence is of course work. As some of you know I am working 50% in a school library. Due to all of those nice holidays we have in the school system, I need to work more hours on a daily basis to even out the free time. And getting just half the paycheck that I need, I must work more. Luckily there is another division of this school, a school for children with different learning problems. These students are living at the school
and need people to take care of them after the end of the school hours. That is my job in the evenings, a couple of days of the week. After ending the day in the library I drive over to this place, and start working at 15.00 and finishes  at 22.00 in the evening.

And i moved again!!!
Too much Moose, trees and lack of people at the farm!!!
I am now back in Rena in a smaller and better apartment.
So as you may understand I am quite busy with everything but minis!!!
My french house is now placed in my living room. It is almost completed inside, but still in need for the exterior work....
But Norway is a dark place at the moment, and when I return home in the evening it is totally dark! As soon as I have some spare time and some daylight I will try to take some better pictures. Lucy Maloney's adorable gift (Bastian) needs to be photographed with a good camera!!!
So until then, here 's a bad and dark picture from the new place and some nice frosty pictures from Hedmark county (Rena, Koppang, where I work and Rendalen is in Hedmark county)

A big hug to you all from Synnøve

torsdag 23. september 2010


Strange heading you might think.....but it is the name of the new dog in the french household!
I, and Chanel of course, have got the most wonderful little Yorki (Yorkshire terrier) from the talented and ever so kind Lucy Maloney of "Designer Dog miniatures".
He is a superb and tiny little copy of the dog i had as a young girl. His name was of course; Bastian
(maybe short for Sebastian?)
Lucy Malony can make a copy of your dog or cat, or a dog and cat of the type you wish for in miniature.
Read more about Lucy here.
Thank you so much Lucy :))

Chanel is so happy about her new little friend! The breakfast in her kitchen is so much more fun with little Bastian jumping exited around her feet!

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures who doesn't serve right to the fine fur and quality of the little dog, I had to take them with the Iphone !!!!

søndag 5. september 2010

Swap with Norma!

Earlier this summer I received a parcel from Australia! It was from Norma!
Thank you so much Norma for these absolutely lovely and fantastically made items you sent me:))))

Norma made a fantastic screen for the french house. Panels witch is going into the "brocante shop" at the first floor, fabric in a shelf for the sewing room. She made me a very beautiful pink bowl and also sent me the cutest little porcelain kangaroo!!!

The screen is just so beautiful!!

And even from the back it's a beauty!!

                                             Thank you so much Norma for these treasures!

fredag 16. juli 2010

Finally the "Holiday swap" opening!!!

And thank you Terry!!

I am so happy with the parcel from Terry!!
The most beautiful items were discovered today ;)))

A fantastic handmade guitar, my favorite flower; a blue hydrangea, a delicious salad (again my favorite!!) and the yummy ice cream glass as a desert!
Thank you SO much!!!
Every thing is a little treasure :)))

I have traveled to Portofino, purchased a bottle of Italian wine, and I am waiting for you to come and play the guitar for me :)))

Thank you so much Caterina for arranging the swap, and Terry for all these beautiful minis!!!!

torsdag 8. juli 2010

Arrival of "Holiday swap" parcel!!!!

My parcel from the "Holiday swap" aranged by Caterina.
My parcel has traveled from Genoa; Italy. And knowing other talented ladies from Genoa, I know that the items from Terry will be of high quality!!!
It is hard to wait, but I must not open until july the 14th!!!!

Thank you Terry!!!

tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Now..the purchases!

I could not help myself, this bowl was so special....I just had to have it!!! It is made by Marie Paul Hostyn from Emily Art, Belgium. She called it; Hasselt Keramiek Baroque.

I also had to buy this little cute bear and baby-hat from Lea Frisoni

Veronique Cornish had a table filled with so much beauty!! I was unable to pass it without buying something.. obviously I passed it three times!!!!
The bird is just stunning!!!

After receiving such lovely shoes from Beatrice I thought  Chanel also deserved a nice hat.
I found this little beauty at Marie-France Beglans table!

Walking by the table of Grain de Sable / Christine Voirin made me breathless!!!
First of all, because of the extraordinary beauty of the items...OMG!!!
And then, the prices!!!
But I managed to find some tiny pieces that would fit within my price range!
You wont believe how thin that coffee-cup is!!

And as you know I am a big fan of Cilla from Minst.com,
so when I was introducing Rosanna to her wonderful minis, I saw this chest and I wanted it too much!
I had to buy it. Now I need a tiny key to it :)))

Enlarge the picture by clicking on it, and see the details of the "petit point"!!!

I have wanted some lemons for my french kitchen for some time now. When I saw this gorgeous bowl
at Christel's table, they sort of had my name on them :))))

I can feel the taste of lemon by looking at them!!!

These cute clothes pins is a must have for Chanel's utility-room!

I did not buy much at the flea-market, only this old lace sleeve.

These flower kits by Pascale Garnier have instructions in french only.
Geneviève, I will probably need some help :))))



søndag 27. juni 2010

Paris gifts!! (Buyings in a later post)

As you all know by now we had a wonderful evening with Sylvia, Sabiha, Rosanna and our family!
And you also know about their generosity and warm hearts; and here are their sweet gifts to me!

from Sabiha.  from Sylvia from Rosanna  from Roberta                                               

I truly appreciate this gifts from tree great girls!!!! We had such a fun time at the restaurant, and I don´t think anybody knew what they had for dinner..... we just talked and enjoyed ourselves tremendously!

I also got an adoring gift for Chanel from Beatrice; at the left.
A little pillow from Lea, and a yummy cake from Christel to Victoria!