mandag 22. mars 2010


The paintwork of the room is finish. I was originally thinking about painting the old floor. But it was full of bumps and big cracks. I sometimes loose tiny miniature parts on the floor, I don't want it to fall down and disappear into a crack in the floor!!! So I found a quite reasonable prised faux parquet floor.
We have been working the whole weekend to lay down the new the floor. It was not as easy as we were thinking at first..... Not one angle was straight, and then there was the heavy old oven that had to be lifted up. Lifted up on it's to front legs, the risk of the whole oven rolling over was big. It weighs several hundred kilos!

The red "things" are the lifting devices!

Kind of hard to adapt the floor after this wall!!

Notice the pipe on the top of the oven is off!!! We need to have a big trolley, lift the oven up, back it away from the wall, adjust the thing at the top and roll the oven on to the pipe!!!! Puhh..
But it's a nice several hundred years old oven with lots of nice details;

Notice the figure in the door; it's for letting the air come into the oven and make sure a correct combustion!

So, almost done, just some painting behind the old skirting we removed. Then i have to put on new skirting and the room is complete!
On Wednesday we are picking up some furniture from the flat. The bed, sofa and hopefully my work table and the french house!!!!
Then it´s soon easter and my sweet daughter Victoria is comming!!

torsdag 18. mars 2010

Ana's giveaway!

Thank you so much Ana from Portugal!
It is SO beautiful!!!
This is one of the gifts I received as the lucky person in Anas  generous giveaway!

Quote from Anas blog;
Filigree is a process and type of design that uses twisted wire to create delicate openwork jewelry. Filigree is usually made from fine metals like silver, gold, and platinium. It has been used from centuries to craft jewelry, rings,  pendants, bracelets etc., To create filigree the artisan rolls the maleable metal into thin filaments, then twists and bends them into intricate shapes. 

onsdag 17. mars 2010

Hey.. you spring, come and see us too!!!!

Some of you have varm sun and spring flowers peaking up!!!
I have snow in my hair!!!!

New blog!

Hi everybody,
Here is a blog for those of you who like the nordic style!
My friend Weronica from Sweden has a very nice blog with a lot nice miniature-work.
Also updates and pictures from the various miniature fairs in the nordic countries.
She also has a great web-shop and she is about to launch a line of swedish "Gustavian" furniture!


søndag 14. mars 2010

No minis, just a 1:1 scale project!

As some of you might know; I am moving from my flat to a big old house belonging to my boyfriend.
It is about 1 hour drive from my old place.  It's a old farmhouse belonging to a big forest property.

I am not doing a lot of painting and redecoration in this house, but I am painting this one room upstairs.
It's going to function as a workroom/guest room, but mainly MY room in this big house.
As you see from these pictures, it needs a lot of paint and work. I have been plastering holes, bumps, removing old paint, sanding..... my right arm hurts!!!!


Finally the walls, windows and the door are painted... need another coat though!!
Then there is the brick wall next to the cosy old oven, it needs a coat too. The last thing will be painting the floor. Not sure about the color though.....
It has to be ready the weekend before Easter. I need to get the guest bed from my flat and a lot of other stuff....I have started packing. I started with the french house.. it was hard to start packing it down. Felt like I was packing down my real house... hm..strange feeling!!!
I will keep you updated:)

onsdag 10. mars 2010

New blog!

Hi everybody!
Just want to tell you about Janine from Canada and her blog Miniworks! Janine has recently returned from eight years of sailing the seas of the world! She is now unpacking a lot of treasures and have a wonderful collection of miniatures to show us! Have a look, you will not be disappointed!!!!!!!