lørdag 23. mai 2009

An early summer morning...

The picture is taken early one morning the 22 of May.
there is a small lake, right behind my apartment. Nice place for walks and jogging!

mandag 11. mai 2009

What I am doing now!

This is to show you what I am so busy with these days. The magazine is called "Forandring fryder" and the translation is something like this; "Change is a joyfull thing"....
For those of you who can read  norwegian, or if you want to look at the pictures, log on to:
and click on Magazine!

Thank you :D

Thank you so mutch Julianna and Sabiha!!!
It means so mutch to me, and I really appreciate it :D
Only thing is; these lovely days in May I´m soaked in work.
So I simply cannot find the time to pass it on.....but I will..some day! 
And to tell you what I love :D