mandag 19. desember 2011

My Christmas tree!!

I haven't had a Christmas tree in my apartment for the last 3 years. That's because I have been traveling to Bergen to spend Christmas with the children. I did collect Christmas ornaments for 25 years, but they are all in Bergen now! But this year I wanted one. I have started a new collection, and today I purchased a tree! It's an artificial tree, and I actually prefer them to the natural ones. I think it's crazy to by a really expensive natural tree and then trow it out after 3 or 4 weeks!!! I always felt bad when I did that :((
I don't have a lot of Christmas feeling usual, maybe because it's raining all the time. But the tree did help a lot :))

As my collection is not enough to fill the whole tree, I needed to fill it with all the possible items I could think of!!

onsdag 14. desember 2011

Christmas decoration....but just a bit!

Chanel is moving back into her house and she wanted to start the Christmas decoration while the living room still was empty! While she has been living in a box, some of her furniture has been worked on to get a more french look! Her shop is closed until after new year, due to some interior work. It suits her well, because now she has a lot of time to slowly move everything back into her house...she really missed it!

In front of the fireplace is a box containing a bit of christmas decorations. The box is made by Janne in one of our "miniature evenings". Together with  Janne and Rita, I made two Cristmas stockings and the green heartshaped moss covered thing on the floor! The rest is gifts from Janne :) The wreath and the guirlander
is made by me.

søndag 11. desember 2011

French inspiration!

Hi again,
Last time I posted I was in the middle of the moving process. Almost two month's  later I am well installed in the new city Stavanger! I have a job (in a fashion store), a boyfriend and some good friends....and the city!!! It is so nice to be living among people, shops, busses, the sea..did I mentioned people??? :))))
I still havent moved Chanel and her furniture into her house, poor girl..still in a box!
I have ben to a couple of mini-gatherings and I love it! The people here are very nice and welcoming and let you in to their groups like you are an old friend returning back home. It's ben a long time since my fingers did any mini work... it's taking some time to get into it again.
Yesterday I started to put in the sockets to light up the french house. It has ben moved into the living room  and probably has to stay there to be worked on!! My plans are to make the anticue /brocante/ flower shop
look a bit more it just look like a room in a dollhouse!!!
Looking for inspiration I came across this fantastic blog: "The Paper Mulberry"
It is truly a great blog with lots of inspirational pictures for those of us who LOVE the style!!!!
Please visit the "The Paper Mulberry", it is fantastic!!!