mandag 19. desember 2011

My Christmas tree!!

I haven't had a Christmas tree in my apartment for the last 3 years. That's because I have been traveling to Bergen to spend Christmas with the children. I did collect Christmas ornaments for 25 years, but they are all in Bergen now! But this year I wanted one. I have started a new collection, and today I purchased a tree! It's an artificial tree, and I actually prefer them to the natural ones. I think it's crazy to by a really expensive natural tree and then trow it out after 3 or 4 weeks!!! I always felt bad when I did that :((
I don't have a lot of Christmas feeling usual, maybe because it's raining all the time. But the tree did help a lot :))

As my collection is not enough to fill the whole tree, I needed to fill it with all the possible items I could think of!!

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Kathi sa...

Your tree and your apartment look so pretty! Love the little chairs on the tree. So cute. :D
Thanks for sharing your Christmas!

Linda sa...

ooooooooooooo i love it all!!! the bits and bobs on the tree are very special :D Linda x

Norma Bennett sa...

It looks lovely, and the unusual 'decorations' on it make it really special I think.

I do know what you mean about throwing out a real tree after a short time but the really special thing about Christmas to me is the smell of the tree - that's what always evokes memories of all those happy days right back to my childhood. However, in those days we simply went out into the countryside and took a branch from a tree, not like these days when we have to buy a whole tree and they are just too expensive, so we haven't had a real tree for a long time :(

I hope you will have a lovely Christmas, and that the rain stops and perhaps it snows a little to make everything look beautifully clean and white.

Janne sa...

Å for et nydelig tre Synnøve , mye snadder pynt 
Vi satte opp kunstige tre på hytten i går, gleder meg til å finne frem julekulene å pynte.

Ha en fine dag ,kommer innom en dag på butikken .

Klem janne

El caballero Metabólico sa...

Es un árbol preciso, Synnove!! Y el resto de la decoración también ha quedado muy bien!! Me ha gustado mucho la idea de añadir miniaturas a la decoración del árbol, para el año que viene voy a hacer lo mismo!! Un besazo enorme y Feliz Navidad!!

rosanna sa...

Synnove, it is so special and so YOU.
The buds in the silver jug are truly lovely and you home is just aas pretty as it could be.
Best wishes my dear, Rosanna

synnøve sa...

Thank you Kathi and Linda :)...and Norma; I hope you soon will be able to get a tree that reminds you of your childhood!!!!
And I think, according to rumors, Bergen will get some snow soon :))
Ja Janne, det var bare å ta fantasien til hjelp, så klarte jg å fylle det...det er ikke like bra på baksiden, men det er det ingen som ser! Ja, ta deg en tur innom, husker du å ta med min lille pose?Creo que toda la razón acerca de la Pedetre árbol, y me alegra te han inspirado para la decoración próximos años! Les deseo unas felices fiestas:))

synnøve sa...

Thank you dear Rosanna, best wishes and a happy holliday for you and your family :))

Bambi sa...

I love your imagination - the tree is lovely!

Roelie sa...

You've created a beautiful tree!! Although there is no snow, you are in a real Christmas atmosphere.

Ana sa...

Precioso árbol y hermosa decoración !! Gracias por tu felicitación y te deseo una feliz Navidad!!!

cockerina sa...

Wowww! a beautiful tree! I also have a fake tree, I would like to have a true and fragrant, but it would be a waste, if it could not survive in a pot ...
I like your decorations, and I love the ornaments glittering glass and silver, in your home!
GREETINGS!! that your future is bright and full of love and happiness!
Merry Christmas!


Irene sa...

It's a lovely tree, Synnove and I like your little silver display as well. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christel sa...

Love the idea of having dollhouse furniture on the tree. Very creative thinking. Looks lovely:)

Garden of Miniatures sa...

I love the decorating in your Christmas tree,it's very special:-)! But also the whole decorating in your room is just that what I like.The silver with the white flowers looks very elegant!Jeannette x

miniacollection sa...

Your tree is beautiful, I like the decorations you put in it. Your place looks beautiful.
By the way I don't have a tree in my flat, not enough space. Fortunately there is always a big one at My brother's where all the family will be on December 25th.
Merry Christmas

synnøve sa...

Thank you Bambi,Roelie and Ana :))
Cockerina, how about buying just a branch to get the smell :))
Jeanette and Irene: I dont`t have a lot of silver, but I like to group what I have, that way, what I have looks better!!
Christel; I am not sure if i have seen it somewhere..but the idea of using minis on the tree is great :)
Geneviève, how about a mini tree to put on your table ....andyou can make miniature decorations to put on it!!! :))
I wish you all a really peaceful and wonderful Christmas!!!!

Rita Tjelta sa...

Så koselig med juletreet. Og artig og oppfinnsom pynt. Me like :D Ha en riktig god Jul og kos deg masse!!
Klem fra Rita

Miniature Patisserie Chef sa...

The christmas tree is so beautiful! I love your photos!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Pei Li

Gonda sa...

The tree is beautiful and I see beautiful decoration in your home.
Merry Christmas!

Maria sa...

Your tree is very beautifull, so are the decorations. I also love your silver tray with the flower in the pot.
I also have a artificial tree for the same reason. I burn candels with chrismas scent for the spacial scent.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Newyear.

synnøve sa...

Pei Li, Gonda and Maria..thank you so much for the nice comments :)) Takk Rita, ha en kjempefin Jul og så sees vi i det nye året :))
A wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!!!!

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