tirsdag 26. februar 2013

More then one year since my last post....

No, this is NOT a miniature picture, it is my job :)
Probably why I haven't touched my miniatures or done anything to my french house for a looong time! My job at Lene Interior gives me enough interior challenges to keep me satisfied.
Lene, who owns the shop, gives me the opportunity to do as I like...luckily we have similar taste :)

The shop sell brands as Riviera Maison and Scapa

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Linda Carswell sa...

I think of you often.....wow, what a great job!

Catherine sa...

It is so very nice to hear from you! I had hoped all was going well in your life and you were happy.

I am afraid the photo you posted and the text I saw on my dashboard, is missing here. :-(

Catherine sa...

Oh GREAT now I have it! It just made an appearance!

Those are such great photos!!! Those rooms are beautiful.

synnøve sa...

Linda and Catherine, nice to hear from you too :))
I first tried to blog from my Ipad..not very successful!!
I hope i have managed to fix it :)...from my MacBook this time.

Lucille sa...

That is so strange! I was thinking of you just today and wondering if you were still working at that girls' school. It's so nice to hear from you and that you are doing well. You seem to have obtained a job where you're happy and are able to fulfill yourself by expressing your talent for decor. The things you have put together look absolutely stunning. It looks like a beautiful store where you are working. Hope to hear from you again soon.

Margaret sa...

Welcome back Synnove you have been missed, I thought that first shot was of a fabulous mini shop but it is RL. Sounds like you have a great job styling, I would love doing that too. Hope you can find some time for minis!

Lucille sa...

Hi Synnove! I'm sorry but I forgot to introduce myself as a new follower. I have been reading your blog posts since the beginning but have only recently become a follower. I love your work. You are very talented!

El caballero Metabólico sa...

Hello Synnoves!

It is good that you are back.! you missed hands! I love your work of decoration, it is very elegant and refined. Is all so neat and simple, I love!

A big hug!

Nono sa...

Beautiful interior!
Welcome back in miniature too?

synnøve sa...

Hi everyone, thank you for your nice comments :)
It is nice to be back, though I cannot promise a lot of new miniature pictures. I do work on a new smal project together with Janne, but she travels a lot to the US, and I to Spain :) in between work...so everything has taken redicolous long time.
The shop of the french house has newer been done as I like it to be (looking old and a bit shabby) so it need to be worked on too....pictures will come....later :)
I will post some pictures from the french house taken with the IPad ...it takes remarkable good pictures!
Hugs :)

Irene sa...

It's nice to see you back and how lovely to have a job you enjoy so much. The interiors look really good.

miniacollection sa...

How nice to see you back! I'm so happy to read about your new job, it's a fantastic one. I often think of you. Maybe some miniatures soon too...
Warm hugs

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