torsdag 8. juli 2010

Arrival of "Holiday swap" parcel!!!!

My parcel from the "Holiday swap" aranged by Caterina.
My parcel has traveled from Genoa; Italy. And knowing other talented ladies from Genoa, I know that the items from Terry will be of high quality!!!
It is hard to wait, but I must not open until july the 14th!!!!

Thank you Terry!!!

5 kommentarer:

Flora sa...

On 14 July will be a feast for a lot of people!

Sabiha Barkey sa...

Oooh,how exciting....what will it be?


Margaret sa...

July 14 is going to be a memorable day for us isn't it?

Lena sa...

Synnove, så spännande! Åh, vad svårt att inte få öppna det.


Terry sa...

how nice! The package arrived safe and sound.
I hope very much that the items you've done for you are to your liking!
Mini hugs ♥