tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Now..the purchases!

I could not help myself, this bowl was so special....I just had to have it!!! It is made by Marie Paul Hostyn from Emily Art, Belgium. She called it; Hasselt Keramiek Baroque.

I also had to buy this little cute bear and baby-hat from Lea Frisoni

Veronique Cornish had a table filled with so much beauty!! I was unable to pass it without buying something.. obviously I passed it three times!!!!
The bird is just stunning!!!

After receiving such lovely shoes from Beatrice I thought  Chanel also deserved a nice hat.
I found this little beauty at Marie-France Beglans table!

Walking by the table of Grain de Sable / Christine Voirin made me breathless!!!
First of all, because of the extraordinary beauty of the items...OMG!!!
And then, the prices!!!
But I managed to find some tiny pieces that would fit within my price range!
You wont believe how thin that coffee-cup is!!

And as you know I am a big fan of Cilla from Minst.com,
so when I was introducing Rosanna to her wonderful minis, I saw this chest and I wanted it too much!
I had to buy it. Now I need a tiny key to it :)))

Enlarge the picture by clicking on it, and see the details of the "petit point"!!!

I have wanted some lemons for my french kitchen for some time now. When I saw this gorgeous bowl
at Christel's table, they sort of had my name on them :))))

I can feel the taste of lemon by looking at them!!!

These cute clothes pins is a must have for Chanel's utility-room!

I did not buy much at the flea-market, only this old lace sleeve.

These flower kits by Pascale Garnier have instructions in french only.
Geneviève, I will probably need some help :))))



23 kommentarer:

Christel Jensen sa...

How nice to see your purchases Synnøve. It was never time for that in Paris. Everything is great and will suit your house perfectly:)

Merry Jingle sa...

Omg what little treasures you have there! I love them all, so beautiful!

Catherine sa...

WOW! What wonderful treasures!!! Everything you bought is special. I love the lemons and the teeny clothespins. Thank you for sharing pictures of them.
I have Pascales email address I must order some of her gorgeous kits. She now has a couple in English.

Irene sa...

Wow, lots of lovely items there - you have a good eye. I really like the Veronique items and the little hat and box are so nice.

Heather sa...

Lovely purchases! I really like the bowl and the hat!

Margaret sa...

I love everything you bought, especially the bird, the hat,and the lemons.

Flora sa...

I love all your purchases! Fortunately you have not established a list to vote because I would not be able to choose :-)
Kisses, flora

The Old Maid sa...

Beautiful treasures!

sylvia sa...

I love everything you bought, they are all treasures!
But most of all the lemons, they are so real, wonderful.

Hugs Sylvia

Carolina sa...

I love everything you've bought, specially the pink hat!!! I'm sure Chanel has loved it too ;-)



miniacollection sa...

Beautiful purchases! Everything is perfect. I'm looking forward to seeing them in your house.
Feel free to ask me if you need me to translate the plants kits. You know I will be more than willing to help you.

Sabiha Barkey sa...

Wonderful puschases...the most I love the lemon!


Janne sa...

Wow så flotte ting!

Sommerhilsen fra Danmark
Klem Janne

Ascension sa...

Que preciosidad de miniaturas, enhorabuena!!!
besitos ascension

Lucia Gabrieli sa...

Lovely purchases, I hope I'll make it next year to Simp: by the look of things it seems like there are some very talented miniaturists out there :)

Terry sa...

hello Synooves,
many wonderful things! box lemon is really special ..
Tomorrow I'm sending you swap, attentive to the postman!
Mini huag

Mimmi sa...

Oi, så mange lekre ting, og så flotte ting du fikk i gave! Tenker dere hadde en super tur :-)

Arantxa sa...

Good Purcharses!! they are so beautifull!!


dale sa...

Incredible purchases, I'm drooling and must lift my chin from the floor!
Divine!!! :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

SYNNOVE!! I am back from my vacation..how are you dearest? Your purchases are just lovely! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

My precious, precious friend, what a joy to have been in Paris at the Mini fair and then to meet your blogger friends! Isn't it such a treasure? I really think that blogging allows kindred spirits connect easier than finding kindred spirits in everyday life...probably because mutual interests are the focus of the hunt and discovery of other people who enjoy what you enjoy. Then to finally meet them is magic! Yes, we had such a marvelous time with family and friends and now we are home and ready to plan the addition of two beautiful rooms to our home!!!! It is so good to see you back dearest, and keep us updated on our miniature finds! Thank you ever so much for coming to visit me. Enjoy warmth and laughter as you spend this summer with your dear daughter!!!

Mille bisous, Anita

Norma sa...

You have found wonderful things in Paris :) The bowl with the flowers around the rim is truly beautiful. And how pretty the hat is. Really everything is just fabulous. I'd love to go to SIMP sometime, even though I probably coudn't afford to buy much it would be such fun just to look at the amazing things people are making.

Pubdoll sa...

Så mye fint du har kjøpt i Paris!
En av favorittene mine er selvfølgelig koppen og skålene fra Grain de Sable, siden jeg tydeligvis hadde vært der før deg og kjøpt to av de andre koppene i turkis og blått oh en lilla skål (se bloggen min) Fuglen fra Veronique Cornish og Christels sitroner var også utrolig flotte.

Flott messe, selv om det ikke var så mye for meg der, men det ble da likevel mer enn nok for lommeboka mi :-)