fredag 16. juli 2010

Finally the "Holiday swap" opening!!!

And thank you Terry!!

I am so happy with the parcel from Terry!!
The most beautiful items were discovered today ;)))

A fantastic handmade guitar, my favorite flower; a blue hydrangea, a delicious salad (again my favorite!!) and the yummy ice cream glass as a desert!
Thank you SO much!!!
Every thing is a little treasure :)))

I have traveled to Portofino, purchased a bottle of Italian wine, and I am waiting for you to come and play the guitar for me :)))

Thank you so much Caterina for arranging the swap, and Terry for all these beautiful minis!!!!

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rosanna sa...

Terry is certainly very talented.
I see that you have chosen one of my best loved spots in Liguria: the paraggi gulf. It's the same pic I put in the Yellow House. A must see place, come to Genoa and I'll take you there :o))) Mini hugs Rosanna

The Old Maid sa...

Beautiful minies!!Congrats

Mari@ sa...

Wonderful gifts!! Terry is a great artist. I'm very happy for you :o)

Anneke sa...

wauw those are some wonderfull gifts! the guitar is brilliant! I love the little scene in the last pictures, it makes me long for a holiday to the mediteranian :P

Merry Jingle sa...

Wonderful things, love the guitar :)

Irene sa...

Lovely items and a beautiful setting.

Arantxa sa...

Wonderfull Minis!!!


Flora sa...

The guitar is fabulous! Terry talented, and talented you to create a delicious scene :-)
Mini swap hugs, Flora

Terry sa...

hello Synnoves,
I'm really happy that everything I sent was to your liking.
A cordial greeting and thanks to all your readers who have left comments so kind to me.
Thanks girls!
Mini hugs ♥

Catherine sa...

Oooooh Congratulations! I love them all, The guitar is just amazing. :-)

Minnie Kitchen sa...

omg those are beautiful! you must be so excited!

Evelien sa...

Such beautiful mini's! Love the guitar and the flowers, and so lovely that they are your favourites. That makes them even more special.

You did a great job photographing them with the nice background. I'm longing for Liguria now!

groetjes Evelien

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

SYNNOVE!!! I have not visited my mini blog in quite a while, so I have missed out on your posts....what awesome pictures! HOW ARE YOU? It looks as if you are having FUN!!!!! I thought of you today, wondering how you are. We are having such a lovely summer, hope you are too!


Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

OH!!! GOOD MORNING DEAR FRIEND, or I should say, good afternoon for you?!!!

Oh, Synnove, you have been delightfully busy! What a sweet time you must be having with your daughter...those are the times to cherish so much! And how exciting to hear of your endeavors! To be a librarian in a school is a great job. Hustle and bustle throughout the school year, but I am sure you will get the same time off that the teachers get, and it is well-deserved! I didn't know the kind of work you did, especially with the refugees! Indeed, it is hard to see these days how people just want to go somewhere to get a chance to go to school, but they are shipped back so quickly. Our world has become a very untrusting place. But each one of us can make a difference in the individual lives of others. My husband and I are enjoying one of the best summers we have had in a long time; planning our addition, preparing for it, having some extra time to just relax, sleep, play and much fun. I haven't done half the things I had planned to do with my drawings or stories, but that will come in due time. It has been a pleasure to see you again, and I wish you the best visit with your daughter and also a well-organized preparation for your new job!!!

Many fond regards dearest, Anita

miniacollection sa...

This is a scene that makes me dream. Terry's miniatures are just wonderful.

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

Synnove dearest!!! How are you? There is a blog that you MUST SEE. I think the name is, MY SHABBY RIVERSIDE STUDIO...oh dear, I am a new follower, so I forgot the name, but you can find her on my blog roll at the bottom of my page. She transformed a little cabin in the woods into a magical white cottage. Well, a miniature artist made a mini replica of her cottage, that thanks to the New York Times, has become a quite famous place. Please visit Sandy at her blog and see what the mini artist did in honor of Sandy's cottage! I thought of you immediately! HOw are you? Anita

Alicia sa...

Me gusta mucho tu rincón y sobre todo la guitarra española !!!

miniaturista sa...

Unas fotos muy acertadas y originales, y tus trabajos preciosos.

cockerina sa...

Synnøve hello, long time is that I do not read anything new on your blog ... as you are? okay?? I miss you ... Tell me if you're good?
many kisses, Caterina