mandag 24. oktober 2011

Moving day.....for Chanel!

When I saw the content of the french house spread all over the table, the first thing that ran through my head was; OMG: this is crazyyy!!!

I really like this new blog design, it is simple and clean, and gives the images more focus. But I miss some of the features from the old design, is there anyone who has good advice about stuff like that, how to add something to the blog, side bars etc?
By clicking on the different words on the left side you get a lot of choices of how to show the pictures, I like it a lot!! And by clicking on the B symbol on the left side you can still see the profile, followers and the blogs I follow!!

13 kommentarer:

SaMiRa73 sa...

No!!! This is not crazy: I want it, too!!! I only found your blog a few days ago and it is really an inspiration. Thanks!

rosanna sa...

Fabulous! I love all this abundance! i's like being in a beautiful shop.
I a so glad to see you, Rosanna
PS I love your tennis cup pillow too :)

Susi sa...

Todo es maravilloso.
Todo es especial, cualquier objeto es especial
Tu blog tiene pinta limpia y clara.

Flora sa...

A wonderful opportunity to see exposed, all Chanel wonderful things :-)
It's amazing how much stuff there is in these tiny houses!!!
Mini lovely hugs, Flora

miniacollection sa...

It's always incerdible all the things three can be in a dollhouse... Seeing your photo it's like at a miniatures fair, if it was there are many things I would like to buy...
I find it's a nightmare to have to move miniatures, they are so precious and fragile.
Your photos are great on the new desigh blog but I miss the information on the sides.

Arantxa sa...


Johanna sa...

So many of lovely and beautiful things! Nice to hear from you. :)

Lataina sa...

So many beautiful things! I love Chanel's house! =)

Janne sa...

Så mange flotte ting du har, blir mengder etterhvert som vi produkserer og samler .
Håper jeg får ta en titt når du er vell instalert på øya ?
Lykke til med pakkingen og velkommen til Stavanger .

marlies sa...

Beautiful, to see all these things for the house!
Now you can play! ;D
* marlies

cockerina sa...

Hello! I'm organizing an international swap Christmas ..
you want to participate? Come read my blog, thanks!
kisses from Italy!

Miniature Patisserie Chef sa...

OOoh that's a lot of dollhouse miniatures, but so pretty!!

Pei Li

miniature ballroom sa...

This is a wonderful collection and a beautiful dollhouse. When I first looked at the photos I couldn't tell that it was a miniature!

see my french marble ceiling height fireplace