onsdag 12. mai 2010

A sweet and friendly award!!!!

I got this award today from THE PINEAPPLE MAN
I found his blog trough a comment he made on a mini-blog somewhere...
He had a dream of hoping to reach 48 followers!!! 
I looked trough his blog and found that it was an amusing and funny blog with a lot of nice pictures;
well worth a visit!!!!
I could not resist being the 48th, seing he had reached 47...:))
I don't pass on awards!

6 kommentarer:

dale sa...

Synnoves, thank you so much for sharing that link. :)

I'm following him now as well. I kept seeing him leave comments and have been meaning to click on him and check him out.

So glad that you did and now, I have too. :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

Hello dearest Synnove! Thanks for coming and hey, AWARDS ARE GREAT!!! Yes, your minis are inspiring me to take a closer look at my decorating plans for my own bedroom!!! The perfection that you capture is so excellent. I hope your new living situation is good...the last pictures you showed were lovely and it looked so cozy.

Take care and enjoy life dearest! Anita

asdf sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av en bloggadministrator.
Fete et Fleur sa...

Congratulations! I love your sweet little masked doll below. Your mini home is truly amazing


Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

Good morning precious one...oh dear, your sweet words just brightened my early Sunday morning! Thank you a million times for having been the FIRST PERSON to visit my mini blog; the moment we "met", I just knew you were a kind soul. I am glad that you are having warmer weather now! So are we! We have a special little connection because here in Minnesota, there is a very large population of Scandinavian people from Norway, Sweden, Denmark....and I so love them. Gentle and kind, quiet (I am the complete opposite, I mean, I am not quiet!!HEHEHEEE)! So I might be a shock for some locals...but nonetheless, love reigns in our hearts as we get to know one another and find that no matter what our backgrounds are, everyone needs love and kindness.

Have a splendid day dearest, Anita

Patricia Cabrera sa...

good morning dear Synnoves, what a funny think and kind of you to make his ((((wishes))) scome true!!!*grin*

((( Thank you ))) kindly for visiting and leaving me such a lovely note~smiles~