torsdag 8. april 2010


We made it, just in time for easter and Victorias arrival!
This is not a very sharp picture, but I think it looks so cosy:)

At the time this picture was taken, the bed was the only furniture in the room. Later on, we placed my worktable under the other window. Lots of light........

Like Linda I love to see my dollhouse all lit up in a dark room! Kind of nice to see it without furniture too.....

Victoria had a really nice time, she enjoyed the big house, all the people visiting and of course the big easter egg!!!
The weather was not the best, fog and rain most of the week. But saturday arrived with very nice weather, lots of sunshine and quite warm. 

Saturday she went downhill skiing, saturday she tried the snowboard!
She was quite good at the snowboard too!!!!

22 kommentarer:

Linda Carswell sa...

Your room looks great, so much hard work but it has certainly paid off!

I love your house with the lights on also, I too like them with no furniture....but I'm not sure why!

Regards, Linda x

rosanna sa...

Belloooo! Beautiful room, beautiful house and beautiful daughter!It's only my opinion or Victoria has grown a lot recently? She looks as if she had great fun :o) Have a nice day Rosanna

Merry Jingle sa...

The room looks really nice :) I can't wait to see some pics with your worktable etc.

Good that you all had good time,


by Sonya Rotella sa...

Your home is wonderfull!It has a lot of charm! But your daughter is better! She looks very nice and sweet!

Roelie sa...

What is the room cozy! So beautiful with all that white wood, windows and stove.
Good to see you dollhouse unfurnished, so you can see how beautiful you all have made.

Wonderful that your daughter enjoys it so to be there, with you.
Greetings, Roelie

Lize sa...

Room looks very cozy. Are you considering changes in your dolls house? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pack up a real house and ship it to a new destination... mind ONLY if you loved it.

Have a fun time with your daughter.

miniacollection sa...

How right you are it looks very cosy.
I like where you put the bed, this way even if the room is big it's nice to have your little corner to sleep.
I like your house with the lights.
Odd to see you still have snow, now it is really spring in Orléans.

Lucia Gabrieli sa...

Your room looks so cosy! It would be lovely to make it in miniature!

cockerina sa...

beautiful room, Victoria will be happy!
beautiful lighted house! the atmosphere is sweet and soft .. I really like the spiral staircase!
kisses, Caterina

Cynthia's Minilife sa...

The room and the dollhouse both look great! What a comfy and pretty bed for your daughter - I'm sure she was very happy to arrive to all this.

Irene sa...

The room looks great, I'm sure Victoria loved it and your little house looks so good in the lamplight. Did the spiral staircase give you much trouble?

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures sa...

Wow, it's such a nice, cozy and happy room.
Beautiful for guests and also to work in. :)

Mimmi sa...

Kjempekoselig rom! Tenker hun likte å bo der :-) Og dukkehuset blir så koselig og "levende" med lys.

Glenda sa...

The room looks so welcoming!!

Flora sa...

Your beautiful home. Light and elegant. It has all the flavor of the north.
A hug

Janne sa...

Så koselig rommet ble,mye godt arbeid der .Håper Victoria også ble fornøyd med rommet .Hun er blitt en ung dame ,nydelg datter .
Likte også godt dukkehuset med lys !

Christel Jensen sa...

Looks very cozy Synnøve. I am happy to hear that you have had a nice Esater with your daughter.
We have to "phone chat" soon. Hugs:)

dale sa...

The room is lovely, very welcoming indeed.

The house looks great lit up, the stairs look cool.

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time, how nice. :)

sylvia sa...

The room look great, beautiful bed, I think your daughter was very happy with it.
Hugs Sylvia

Arantxa sa...

The room is so lovely.

And your dollhouse with the lights are so beautiful!!


M Carmen Casanova sa...

Preciosa habitación. Me alegro que la disfrutaras con Victoria. En mi blog tienes un award para ti. Besos.

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

SYNNOVE! You are back! It is good to see you! I haven't checked my mini blog, so I didn't see my bloglist there....thank you for coming to visit with me! Like you, I so enjoy watching my little theatre all lit up at night. Your doll house is wonderful. So beautiful is the mini world, n'est-ce pas? It sounds like your Easter was wonderful and fun. I hope that your weather is getting better; ours is getting really nice.

Have a marvelous weekend, what is left of it!

Bisous, Anita