mandag 22. mars 2010


The paintwork of the room is finish. I was originally thinking about painting the old floor. But it was full of bumps and big cracks. I sometimes loose tiny miniature parts on the floor, I don't want it to fall down and disappear into a crack in the floor!!! So I found a quite reasonable prised faux parquet floor.
We have been working the whole weekend to lay down the new the floor. It was not as easy as we were thinking at first..... Not one angle was straight, and then there was the heavy old oven that had to be lifted up. Lifted up on it's to front legs, the risk of the whole oven rolling over was big. It weighs several hundred kilos!

The red "things" are the lifting devices!

Kind of hard to adapt the floor after this wall!!

Notice the pipe on the top of the oven is off!!! We need to have a big trolley, lift the oven up, back it away from the wall, adjust the thing at the top and roll the oven on to the pipe!!!! Puhh..
But it's a nice several hundred years old oven with lots of nice details;

Notice the figure in the door; it's for letting the air come into the oven and make sure a correct combustion!

So, almost done, just some painting behind the old skirting we removed. Then i have to put on new skirting and the room is complete!
On Wednesday we are picking up some furniture from the flat. The bed, sofa and hopefully my work table and the french house!!!!
Then it´s soon easter and my sweet daughter Victoria is comming!!

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Pubdoll sa...

Så flott arbeidsrom du får! Vi pusset opp vår datters rom i fjor høst, også med hvitmalt panel og nytt parkettgulv og både hun og jeg ble veldig fornøyd. Nydelig ovn!

rosanna sa...

Synnove you have done a good work, the oven is a must keep for sure, it's precious.I'm happy for you that Victoria is coming, nothing like our kids make us mums happy :o)Have anic day painting Hugs Rosanna

sylvia sa...

Hi Synnoves,
Is the room for rent, I like to rent it (LOL) Wonderful.
The oven is so beautiful, a perfect detail in a great room.
Hugs Sylvia

Roelie sa...

What a great room. I love all the details. The lamp the oven, the wooden walls. Beautiful !

Eva J sa...

wow -lucky you to have such a
nice room to work in, and the
oven is fantastic!

Eva J

Evelien sa...

The room looks beautiful! Love the colour combination floor/walls. The oven is really great too, exclusive the weight ;)

Happy moving and lots of fun with your daughter!

groetjes Evelien

Christel Jensen sa...

Nice and bright. I am sure it will be beyond great as you get the furniture's in and your beautiful house of course:) Happy Easter celebration with your daughter.

dora sa...

Le está quedando una casa preciosa, será super agradable vivir en ella. felitaciones

miniacollection sa...

You did a good job ! I am sure you are relieved and will be happy to put your own things, especially your French house.
I like the room because it's bright.
I wish you a good time with your daughter.

Lize sa...

What a great room this is going to be to work in! Light, warmth and charm. You are going to enjoy creating here.

Josje sa...

What a wonderful room, so pretty with those windows, the wood on the walls and the beautiful old oven! The floor is looking good. Very practical too, easy to clean!
Good luck with the move and enjoy your daughter's visit!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures sa...

How exciting! This is going to be a beautiful room, it's so full of light. What an mazing job you're doing!

Liberty Biberty sa...

You must be very pleased that job is done!!
Now the real fun starts when you decorate the room.

Crazy4minis sa...

Looks so lovely and when you get all your furnitures in there it will bee perfect!!

Janne sa...

Det blir et flott arbeidsrom /gjesterom.Bra jobbet Synnøve .
Ønsker dere en riktig God påske, kos deg med Victoria :)


Irene sa...

You've been working hard - it's a good sized room. How lucky to have all that space to mini in!

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

Synnoves my sweet,

I think I missed this lovely post!!! How does that happen......the things that you find and how you display them is so wonderful! HOw is YOUR new home?

Thank you always for visiting my must get to know Patricia Cabrera's work; her ability to capture nature and make it almost more realistic is captivating! Oh! Go and visit my team blog NOWHERE and see what I did with paper and a mini theatre...

Have a wonderful day! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

Oh my friend, you came!!!

Oh I had such a blast....Penny from Angelsdoor has a little mouse named Bebe and one name Joli which she sculpted. I loved them so that I drew them out doing outrageous things and before I knew it, I made this little circus!!! Then there is the Dutchess....and all the other clever people!

I draw very rapidly, so it is not a long process to make these. I am so glad you came. There are more tickets, so bring a friend! :)


Patricia Cabrera sa...

Dear Synnove. This room is fantastic. I thought at first glance that it was your little French dollhouse then after reading I realized that it was a real one. The stove is wonderful.... is it in working condition? Mine is a magestic oven from 1920's and i use all winter months... my family and friends says that I make the best pizza in my wood stove oven.... I think is because of teh heat!*grin*
When we first brought the stove in, it took 4 men to carry inside.... I KNOW what you mean about the is HEAVY!
Have a wonderful day!Smiles~

Julianna sa...

Thanks about our nice words in my blog, makes me happy! :) Cosy room you are getting, so bright and roomy. That oven is like a piece of jewellery, so cute!

Miniature Patisserie Chef sa...

Hi Synnove

Thank you for visiting me! Wow, I can hardly wait to see how your dollhouse would transform. I am so sure it would look fabulous!!!

Pei Li

michelle sa...

It will be beautiful when your funitures and your french house arrives, love your room it's a bright and light room!!
Have fun with your daughter Victoria

Patricia Cabrera sa...

Dear Synnove~
I had to laugh about your rug.... I woudl love to have a real one but again I am too emotional about the animal...sigh.... I should say that because I have cow hides and deer mounts at my living room!*grin*

Fete et Fleur sa...

I would never be so brave as to install my own floor. You did a beautiful job and I'm glad you chose a natural wood floor rather than painting it. It's going to be a beautiful room.


sylvia sa...

Hi Synnoves,
Did you receive my email?

Ana sa...

Synnove you made a great job, congratulations, and your oven is fabulous,

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

Synnoves! Happy Easter! Anita

dale sa...

It looks fabulous, you've done a wonderful job of it.

The stove looks so cool. :)

Have a wonderful Easter. :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

Oh dearest,
I am glad to have seen your comment just now; I do hope that the storm settles and your life will calm once again. We all care for each other, and just know that you will always have a friend. We will be here.....peace dear one. Anita

Catherine sa...

I am sure your new room was a lot of work. It was really worth all the time you spent, it looks wonderful.
I love your dollhouse with all the lights on.