onsdag 17. februar 2010


Tonight I have ben watching this FANTASTIC film : Le fils de l´épicier.
If you love France and especially Provance, this is a "must see".
The countryside, the atmosphere and the people of this film are so breathtaking beautiful, I almost cried watching it... it went straight to my heart!!
Now I am going to watch it again...and again....and....

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Linda Carswell sa...

Yes....I to have seen this, I enjoyed it also!...But it only makes me want to return to France more & more!!!!!

Linda x

miniacollection sa...

Thank you for telling us about this film. I don't know it and I have to look for it.

Christel Jensen sa...

I haven't seen it but will:) You have to see Les Choristes as well. Very beautiful also.
Sløvt med engelsk men er jo greit at andre forstår av og til;)

Liv sa...

Ja, var det ikke mange vakre antikviteter? Jeg er nok etterhvert nødt til å ha en pudderurne og en "kost" av svanedun, ja :-)

Nå må jeg inn å titte på klippet du har lagt ut :-)

Ønsker deg en herlig helg med alt som hører til :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

Synnoves my dearest, dearest follower of miniatures, I LOVE PROVENCE TOO! My favorite movies on the subject are all the Marcel Pagnol pieces: Jean de Florette, Manon, La Gloire de Mon Père, Le Chateau de ma Mère. If you haven't seen these....YOU MUST! Have you ever been to Provence? I have. Stunning. Breathtaking. A place to live and die.

Have a lovely weekend! Anita

Fete et Fleur sa...

Thank you for sharing this. I will put this movie on my must see list!


Evelien sa...

I didn't understand it all because it is in French, but it looks very promising. I love 'Under the Tuscan Sun' because of the feel and look!

I see you’ve already got it, but your blog really brightens up my day, so I would also love to give you the Sunshine award. You can find it on my site.

Have a nice day,
Groetjes Evelien