torsdag 13. oktober 2011

A big hello and a sorry for the long absence!!!

It's been far too long since my last post, nearly a year!
My life changed a bit, and for a while the miniature hobby was something I had no time for, or wanted to think about .
My french house was nearly finished and the work remaining was the still remains!!!!
These days I have been spending my time in Stavanger, a town on the west coast of Norway. 
I  quitted the library job, my flat is sold and i have rented a new one in this town.
Today I got a phone call  from one of the jobs I applied for, and I made an appointment for my first job interview!!! 
In this city I have relatives, a brother and a sister, both older than me..probably wiser too!!! :)
I have miniature friends, and hopefully I will be able to blow some life into some of the activities this town once had; a miniature club! It still exist ....but I don't think or know if there is any activities these days...
It will still be some time until you will see any miniature pictures from my hand....need to move my stuff, get settled and get a job first! But I have ideas and some unfinished, one of these days!!!
Here is a picture of the kitchen in my new flat, quite a modern looking one. I guess it will change my interior style a bit, but I am still hanging on to my old books, my french aubusson carpet and Laura Ashley lamps!!!

See u soon!!

This is the landscape of my new home, i'ts on an island, but attached with bridges to the mainland and just a 10 min drive from the big city!!
A special cold and windy day in the center of the city harbour !!

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Norma sa...

I'm absolutely delighted to see you posting again Synnove, I do hope that all will go well with your move and 'new life' :) Sending you a big hug!! xx

synnøve sa...

Thank u Norma!! I know some of u have been e-mailing me hoping for a answer and even though I am grateful for ur concern...I did not managed to write a sentence back...sorry!!!
But life is about learning and always improving.....and I am a still a student :)
A big hug back Norma !!!!!

Miniaturas sa...

¡¡Un saludo Synnoves!! Mucha suerte en esta nueva etapa, de vez en cuando los cambios son buenos!! Un besazo enorme, enorme, enorme!!

synnøve sa...

Hola, u toda la razón y de nuevo !!!!! un beso grande!!!

rosanna sa...

Synnove !!!!! I am so HAPPY to see you again ! you cannot imagine how many times I thought of you but I knew you were in the move and I didn't want to intrude.
But I am overjoyed to read a post from you and see that a new life is beginning.
A big hug and best wishes, Rosanna

synnøve sa...

Ohh..Rosanna, thank has been some difficult months since we last talked. But I hopefully things will improve now... settling down here with family and children nearby will be so much better for me. This is a vibrant, busy town, and it has so much more to offer of everything then the deep forest of Hedmark.
A big hug for u too Rosanna :))))

Linda Carswell sa...

I have looked at your blog many (many) times and longed for your return....I am thrilled to see you back!
Life takes many twists and turns, but it is always so reasuring to know that blogland (and your blog friends) are there waiting!!!!

Welcome back!!!!

Linda x

synnøve sa...

Hello Linda, I am happy to see u too :))
And trying to find something for u today made me look trough ur blog and all of a sudden it made me realize I needed to start up again. I found this incredibly fantastic other blog too, fro ur blog: the
miniaturemaisondesouris blog. Really something different and inspiring!
Looking into ur beautiful world did help me as well:))
Thank u for being here !!!!
A big hug on ur birthday Linda!!!!

Lara sa...

Good to see you back!!! I just checked your blog this morning (before you posted :-)) to search for your French house. I still love it.
Love from Holland, Lara

Catherine sa...

I am so happy to see you! I have thought of you often. Good luck in your new home and best wishes for finding the perect job. How wonderful that you now have family close to you now. A big HUG and WELCOME BACK! XXX

Victoria sa...

Synnove, It's so great to see you again! :) I've been checking your blog quite often to see maybe it was something wrong with my Google Reader:))))) Glad that everything's fine in your life, your new flat is gorgeous! And good luck with your new job!
I can't wait to see new minis from you!

synnøve sa...

Hello Lara, Catherine and Victoria :)
How nice to see u too!!
It feels good to be back!!!
Love and big hugs to all of u :))))))))

Irene sa...

Nice to see you back in blogland again. I've often wondered how you were doing.

Good luck with the job search. Onwards and upwards!

synnøve sa...

Hi Irene, it's nice to be back..missed all of u !!!!

cockerina sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
cockerina sa...

Hey, darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you? I am happy to read you again!
many positive changes, I am in fibrillation for you!
Your new house looks very beautiful, I love your kitchen dark, a little like mine, but mine is red:))
I am sure that you have found your nest! and what a beautiful thing to live in a country closer to your brothers, you'll be in good company!
Also, I'm sure the club miniaturists, will have new life, when you arrive:))
I see also that you have changed your image of the avatar ... much better now, you're alive and well, I really like!
I hug you, dear friend, and hope, all good!
good luck for your new job!
I missed you very much! I hope to see you soon again!
mini, big hugs!
xxx Caterina

synnøve sa...

Hey dear Caterina :) u really make me smile with ur happiness !!!! I am happy to finally be back too!!
The warmt of your comments here today feels very good... I think the best thing about blogging are all of u!!!!!
Kisses and hugs!!!

Flora sa...

Dear, dear Synnøve, I am also very happy to hear from you :-)
I was certain that life was truly committed to you 100% (this is always the reason, when you are forced to stay away from the blog: either lack the time or energy shortage, or lack inspiration ...).
Now I hope you will be done soon to fix your nest, so you can go back to thinking small :-)
I wish you one thousand for the job and new life (perhaps in that village were waiting for you to give new life to the mini club ...)
Of course, mini hugs,

The Old Maid sa...

Great to read you again Synnove! Welcome back:)

synnøve sa...

Dear Flora and "the old maid", how nice to see u :))
Ur perfectly right Flora, it was lack of time and energy and lack of inspiration as well....I simply lost interest!!
I know some others who have felt this too, and its often in combination with changes of ur life situation.
But I know one thing; when u first start doing this's impossible to quit completely!!
A big hug to both of u ;))))

Nina in Germany sa...

It is so nice to see you back.
I missed your work and your posts !!!

Flora sa...

Oh, I forgot: you are always more beautiful ;-)

synnøve sa...

Thx sweet Flora :))

synnøve sa...

Hi Nina and thank u :))

Linda Carswell sa...

I cannot believe that with all the 'ups & downs' you have been having in your life, that you remembered my!!

Thank you....x

Margaret sa...

So glad to see you back Synnove, good luck with your job hunting, and hope you are feeling happy with your move. It looks very cold on your harbout but nevertheless you look stunning!

Susan sa...

Welcome back! Wishing you the best in your new home. I always love to look through your blog and hope to see more of your miniatures.

miniacollection sa...

I wish you to be very happy in your new home. It will be nice to be close to your relatives. I hope you will soon find a job.
You're right facebook is not the same as blogland, a different way of communication.

synnøve sa...

Thank u Susan and Margaret :))
I think my desition to move here is a really good one!!
I have a really good feeling about this city :)..lots of nice relatives, and easy access for my children to visit ;))
I really love the look of my new flat and I wish u all would be able to come to a housewarming party!!!
I already received a call for a job interview, and today I was with my niece in a store, and one of her friends told me they had an opening for a position working weekends and evenings...and they have really nice clothes and a 55 % employee discount!! This city has no problem with unemployment, so I am not worried about work!!! Yes I will work weekends in addition to a regular job!!
I am so happy to be in the mini mood again...
And Linda..of course I remember ur :) I hope u had a marvelous day ;))

Patty sa...

Synnove, I am so happy to hear that life is getting back on track for you and your future looks exciting! I love the new flat. It will be fun to see photo's when you have settled in. I love your style! Welcome back!!

marlies sa...

Great to see you're blogging again, hope you feel at home soon in your new house and city!
* marlies