torsdag 9. desember 2010

Long time no see (blogging).....

Hi all friends and followers,
Sorry about the long absence from the blog world!

I am well and in good health and so is the rest of the family. 
Some of the reason for my absence is of course work. As some of you know I am working 50% in a school library. Due to all of those nice holidays we have in the school system, I need to work more hours on a daily basis to even out the free time. And getting just half the paycheck that I need, I must work more. Luckily there is another division of this school, a school for children with different learning problems. These students are living at the school
and need people to take care of them after the end of the school hours. That is my job in the evenings, a couple of days of the week. After ending the day in the library I drive over to this place, and start working at 15.00 and finishes  at 22.00 in the evening.

And i moved again!!!
Too much Moose, trees and lack of people at the farm!!!
I am now back in Rena in a smaller and better apartment.
So as you may understand I am quite busy with everything but minis!!!
My french house is now placed in my living room. It is almost completed inside, but still in need for the exterior work....
But Norway is a dark place at the moment, and when I return home in the evening it is totally dark! As soon as I have some spare time and some daylight I will try to take some better pictures. Lucy Maloney's adorable gift (Bastian) needs to be photographed with a good camera!!!
So until then, here 's a bad and dark picture from the new place and some nice frosty pictures from Hedmark county (Rena, Koppang, where I work and Rendalen is in Hedmark county)

A big hug to you all from Synnøve

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Flora sa...

Dear, dear Synnøve ... You are always in my thoughts, I'm glad to hear from you and know that everything is going well, although with great effort on your part!
At this time of night it is dark also here in Italy: I write only illuminated by the lights of the Christmas tree :-)
I send you a big hug and I refer to less busy times the purpose of sending you something made by me :-)
I wish you good job, for now :-)

Arantxa sa...

Dear Synnove!!

I' glad to hear you!!

I send many hugs and many kisses for you.

I wish you a Merry Chritsmas!!

Mini hugs


rosanna sa...

Welcome Synnove, I'm so happy to read from you !!
Your livingroom is lovely and cozy and the view is so beautiful.
BTW my house is dark as well at this time of the year, exactly like Flora says.
I'm glad that you are still dating Hans ;o), he is too handsome to discard. But don't tell him ;O)))
I have sent a card to ou using the address which was on your paecel, I hope it will make to your door.
I wish you all the best and do not overtire. Best wishes for a great new season, hugs Rosanna

Catherine sa...

I was thinking about you today and wondering if you were alright. Actually I have thought of you many times since you disappeared from blogland.
I hope you will be able to find time to work on a few miniatures. I know it has to get dark there at about three in the afternoon.
Happy Christmas! Don't stay away soooo long next time! :-)

M Carmen Casanova sa...

Querida Synove. Me alegro que tu salud y la de tu familia sea estupenda y que tu ausencia en el blog no sea por ese motivo, sino por trabajo. Espero que pronto volvamos a saber de tus minis. Por ahora un abrazo y Feliz Navidad.

Janice sa...

It might be dark but it sure is beautiful!

cockerina sa...

Synnøve dear, I am pleased to know that your absence is due to problems of working hours, and not from a lack of good health!
better to work a lot, that does not work at all! in Europe the economic crisis is making many unemployed, so it's good that you have a good job, even if it takes you away from the minis!
even here in Italy, the afternoon is already dark at 4, but the place where you live seems to be the forest fairy!
greetings with all my heart for a good life, but more often by the news of you, please, we love you all, let us not be anxious!
kisses, Caterina

synnøve sa...

A big hug and a warm thank you to you all for the love and concern.

Irene sa...

Welcome back - I wondered where you'd gone! Good to hear you're keeping busy. The days in Scotland are short too and it's dark here by 4pm. Thank you for the lovely photographs, it's probably the only chance I'll have to see scenes of your country.

Susanne sa...

It is so nice to hear from you again, Synnøve, and it´s good to hear that you are well. Beautiful pictures from your home and the nature. Norway has a breathtaking nature. And yes, we have short days right now, but the colors when the sun goes up and down are so fantastic.
Love, Susanne

Ingerid sa...

Så bra å høre! Har kikket innom bloggen din innimellom, og så bare 'Bastian!' innlegget, så begynte å lure på om du hadde sluttet å blogge... :-s

miniacollection sa...

Dear Synnove I was so happy to see ther was a new post from you. I was glad to read that you are fine and that it is only because of work that we hadn't heard from you. I must say that I was a bit worried by your silence. I had wanted to write to you but I am rather busy too.
Beautiful photos and your living room looks very cosy, you need that in your country.
Big and warm hugs.

Gonda's mini world sa...

Wonderful warm room, this is your new house?
And the frosti pictures, fantastic to see this.
My old blog as gone?? virus?? sad
new one >>

greetings Gonda.

Margaret sa...

Good to see you back blogging, such beautiful photos and looks like you have settled in to your new place quite nicely. Hope you don't work too hard, I miss seeing your great minis. I am lucky at the moment working at home, no travelling. Also will be moving early in the new year, it is so much hard work packing etc. Season's Greetings!

The Dangerous Mezzo sa...

I'm so glad to hear that all is well with you :) Your photos are so beautiful, and I'm glad to hear that you're settling in well. Moving is so disruptive, isn't it?

All the best for Christmas!

Janne sa...

Å der var du,Godt å høre du har det bra .!
Nydelige bilder.
Ønsker deg og fine en riktig God Jul og et Godt Nyttår !
Klem Janne

Patty sa...

Synnove, Your room looks so cozy and inviting! Glad to hear that you are doing well!! Love the photos of the winter even if I did shiver looking at them!

Victoria sa...

It's great to have you back! :)
The house is lovely!

FabShabbyRoses sa...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Oh my what beautiful scenery! You do sound very busy. I'll bet you look forward to some quiet time with our miniatures.

Lena sa...

Hej Synnove!
Hoppas allt är bra och att du trivs i din nya lägenhet!
Jag vill bara önska dej en god jul och ett gott nytt år med mycket tid för miniatyrer!

Hälsningar Lena!

Margaret sa...

Hope all is still well with you Synnove, I have been absent from blogging too. Also moving and other things. I am also looking for more work as my freelance work seems to be drying up. It is very difficult to find anything where I live.
I even missed the Sydney miniatures fair last weekend, Norma went so will get some feedback on it from her.
I look forward to seeing more pics of your French house. Alas my shop is still in early stages, but hopefully soon I will get into it. Your new place looks very nice.