onsdag 23. juni 2010

Wonderful Paris...I already miss you!!!!

I'v had a wonderful time in Paris and on SIMP!!!!!
We arrived back home 03.00 on the 23rd and of course went straight to bed.
Woke up late and is off to work!
No time to play with my new purchases, just a quick look at my 500 pictures from the trip!!!!
Look in for more news soon :)))))

13 kommentarer:

rosanna sa...

WElcome back home . I'm glad you you enjoied it so much, I certainly did. I found your tray inside my bag, I'll send it to you. Hugs Rosanna

Rita sa...

Venter i spenning på flere bilder :D
ha en flott og trivelig dag på jobb!!

Christel Jensen sa...

Hei Synnøve
Fint å høre at dere kom dere vel hjem. Gleder meg også til mange fine bilder. Det her var kjempeflott. Ser ut som statuen omfavner Paris. Nydelig:) Klem fra meg.

The Old Maid sa...

Good to read you all had a great time there!

miniacollection sa...

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Paris and the SIMP. I can't tell you how glad I was to meet you.
I'm looking forward to seeing more photos.

Flora sa...

Synnøve, with all your posts on SIMP, are building a large puzzle depicting a beautiful group of friends struggling with a fantastic adventure!
Is great fun to compare the different versions so do not delay to tell yours!
Mini hugs, flora :-)

cockerina sa...

I am waiting to see even your photos ... Paris, which is always a wonderful place to photograph .. and your purchases!
welcome home!

Ascension sa...

Bienvenida, ahora a descansar y disfrutar de las minis que has adquirido, espero que pronto subas fotos de la feria y tus compras.
besitos ascension

Minnie Kitchen sa...

pictures from paris please!!

Paris Miniatures sa...

It was a pleasure to meet you:)Sorry we couldn't really talk but happy you enjoyed your stay!

Vane sa...

Unique City! No wonder why you miss it! I miss it too!.
Love pic, it is one of my fav bridges and a great view
Hugs from Madrid

Norma sa...

Gorgeous pic :) Looking forward to more!!

Sabiha Barkey sa...

Welcome back home...Oooh I have had such a wonderful time in Paris and it was wonderful to meet you and the rest of course in real!

I gave you my busines card.On it is my postal adress and email.

I can't wait to see your purchases!