onsdag 14. april 2010


In addition to the lovely gift from Ana, I purchased this lovely and very cute teapot from Crazy4minis, it is made by the talented Veronique Cornish. For a little easter goodies I choose the delicious and elegant cupcakes made by the talented, and funny, Sarah Maloney of Dollhouse Kitchen Miniatures.
I also received my book-orders from Tree Feathers, and amongst them was this lovely little pink book titeled; "Ritual and Romance, The Etiquette of Tea".
And as always the wonderful tea-cosy made by the lovely and talented miniature stitcher Rosanna.

The other jar is places on the mantelpiece along with some other treasures; The round "gold" box is actually the top of a tiny bottle. The statue is made by Neil Carter, it is a copy of a french statue from around the time of the revolution. Then there is a silver tea caddy from "Simply Silver".
The little animal; dog /sheep? is made from recycled ivory and purchased from Eileen Cohen of "Lovely Things-Childhood Memories" at the Guild Show, New-Jersey.
A little frame made by scrap-book material, the clock, found at the Portobello marked in Notting Hill.
And the bird, only showing his tail, made my Cilla, Minst!

The book cabinet is filling up nicely!
Next to the lampshade at the left side is a copy I made from one of my own books; Reynard the Fox. next to it on the left, a readable book made by "Truly Scrumptious Miniatures" 

Glass by Gerd Felka, book from Tree Feathers and the fantastic fruit made by Kiva

Mirror, bowl and statue made by Cilla, Minst
The small "pictures" made from cheap ear-rings.

The bird!

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Crazy4minis sa...

It looks great! Can I move in? Take care, Weronica/Crazy4minis

Flora sa...

All fantastic! I really like your home is growing.
Congratulations to all the friends you have named for their valuable work.
A hug, Flora

Sofia sa...

I love your dolls's house, every little single detail!



rosanna sa...

Wonderful buyings!! You always flatter me showing the teacozy, you make me blush.I have the book on tea too, I couldn't do without it ;o)
Did you find the comment about the cutlery? it was in the previous post.
Have fun with your lovely house Rosanna

Linda Carswell sa...

Dearest Synnove,
It is always a delight to visit your beautiful little house. I adore your 'purchases', (they are all wonderful) but the little T-pot has captured my heart, such a lovely piece. All the items look so pretty together and ofcourse Rosanna's T-cosy is perfect.
Enjoy your pretty house!
Linda x

The Old Maid sa...

Beautiful minis! And beautiful photos:)

Irene sa...

There's lots of lovely things to look at, Synnove. The teapot is just lovely as too are the books. I'm really taken with your little cameos as well. You've displayed it all beautifully.

Mini Beginnings sa...

It all looks so amazing, it really looks 1:1 scale, all your things are so realistic and beautiful!
Emma x

Merry Jingle sa...

Oh gosh, everything is so pretty :) I just love everything, I just hate it as I have to use right now so much money to the contstruction stuff and can't buy the good small items.

Could I ask you to post a pic of the bird? I have a thing for them ;)


by Sonya Rotella sa...

What a beautifull minis! All is so chic and pretty!
My best compliments to you and of course to all the artists!

Sabiha Barkey sa...

Wow,so many treasures to see...wonderful goodies you have!
Love the pics!


Norma sa...

It's all wonderful Synnove. It would be a dream come true to see your house in person one of these days.


That looks amazing your dollhouse with all those wonderful details! congratulations you have good taste in decoration and so well chosen pieces. A kiss

Liberty Biberty sa...

Absolutely beautiful!
I love the sun coming in on the first little scene, I would happily sit there and have a cup of tea from that goregeous teapot.

Catherine sa...

What a lovely gift from Ana. I love your teapot!!! The tea cozy is just beautiful. Rosanna's work is gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see the piece she is working on for the chair she got from Josje.
Aren't Treefeathers books wonderful! You would never know they were miniatures in any photo. The cupcakes are really cute.
Everything looks FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations on all your beautiful new miniatures

Fete et Fleur sa...

I can't believe these are miniature settings. I think your doll house is the most beautiful I've ever seen. your taste is exquisite.


PS Sorry you don't like butterflies

Margaret sa...

So many lovely things you have collected for your house and your furniture is beautiful, it looks so 1:1.

Patricia Cabrera sa...

How beautiful and teh tea pot is so delicate. Your pictures were also wonderful! just lovely~

sylvia sa...

Wonderful, all those details make it complete.

Lissu sa...

Lovely details <3

Merry Jingle sa...

Hi, there's an award for you in my blog :)


Garden of Miniatures sa...

I really adore how you decorated all the lovely pieces,which you collected. A fantastic room !Jeannette

Ayala Art sa...

Everything looks so real and beautiful! Great work :o)

miniacollection sa...

So many gorgeous things. I just love your house. You have an eye for beautiful miniatures. Thank you for all the links.

Merry Jingle sa...

OH... that bird is so wonderful! I just love it. Love it, thank you so much for the pics :)


The House of Lisa sa...