torsdag 29. april 2010

My work space!

The desk is made by a kitchen work top. I have my big Mac for photoshop and photos, a real big work Mac, and my little sweetheart the "Macbook" is for writhing and browsing the net. The shelf at the end of the desk is great for storing a diversity of small items! The chair looks lovely, but it needs a pillow or a replacement!

Behind the Mac is my not so trustful Canon printer/ comes up with an error message all the time, but I have learned how to fix it!!!! A self-made message-board filled with pictures of my children in various ages!

The french house in all it's unfinished beauty!!!

It is placed upon some drawers on wheels from Ikea, looks kind of unsteady, but it not!
Works fine for being able to turn it around....when the fronts are finished I need to come up with another idea of course!!
Behind the Ikea chair an ikea shelf filled with 5% of my beloved books and more photos. 

There are no pictures on the walls yet. I need to come up with an idea how to hang them from the skirting of the ceiling!!

Victoria's house needs to be moved into... everything still in boxes!

The tall shelf is filled with interior books and interior magazines!
I have moved 3 times the last year and each time I throw some of them away.. it hurts my heart, but they weigh  SO much!!!

So, this is my sanctuary and my studio, Hopefully I will be inspired both from the room, the nature and all of you great talented blog-friends out there :D

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sylvia sa...

Great, Super!!!
Wonderful room with a lot of space.
I am sure it give you inspiration.
And you are, just like me very happy with Ikea

Whittaker's Miniatures sa...

Oh my what a beautiful room. I adore white and brown/black together and it looks so fresh and so tidy! Lucky you to have such a huge room, it is very peaceful looking and Im sure is a wonderful workroom. Lucky lucky you! Kate xxx

by Sonya Rotella sa...

Your work room is so orderly ..mine is an uproar and I would be ashamed to put the photos.
My house is not very great and I doesn't have a true personal work room but a part of the room of Vanessa.
You are fortunate to have a room deprived by to destine to your relax....for more is really beautiful and chic!
I envy you a little!

Merry Jingle sa...

It looks so nice, cosy and warm :)


Lene sa...

Oh, I envy you. I have to share a little room (about 8 m2) with my husband. I've tried to "kick him out" but he still belives that he needs the table in there. :O(

Cynthia's Minilife sa...

It's lovely! What a wonderful place to work and relax and play!

Sofia sa...

Thank you for sharing your sanctuary, it's so pretty and bright. I think that if your dolls houses can speak they would say that they feel very happy in their new home.
I wish you all the best.


Reiko sa...

What a wonderful room with so much inspiration. I am sure it gives you lot of joy sitting in it and just see the beauty of it.

Norma sa...

It looks such a wonderful place to create and relax. Thanks for showing us :)

michelle sa...

You have a wonderful workspace, Synnove!

rosanna sa...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!!! I need a room like this !!!!! desperately seeking for some more space !!!! Synnove, it's a great place!

Lisette sa...

Hi Synnoves,
Wauw SUPER!!
Do you look at me and I have no hobby space. Later, when children are grown and I go back to the attic.
Smile, Lisette

Christel Jensen sa...

It looks spacious and so cozy Synnøve. You have done a great job:) I would love to stay over one day. You should throw in a Norwegian flag, and lol maybe a French too;)
Ohh before I forget..I love the cabinet you have on you desk. Great for display and easy access.

Catherine sa...

THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love everything about it. You have made a gorgeous place for yourself. Thank you for sharing it. Congratulations!

sylvia sa...

How big and orderly! I love it.
My hobby room is small and now needs order. Also I have shelves and desk Ikea
Thanks for the pictures

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

Oh Synnove! This is a gorgeous space you have! I so love the clean pine floors with the white walls and THERE IT IS! THEEEEE DOLL HOUSE! I would get lost for hours in this place! Bravo to you, and you deserve a break and some sleep and some good creative time for all the hard work.

Here is my email if you ever want to share and give a sneak peak:

Very marvelous my dear! Anita

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures sa...

How wonderful! It's such a nice space that you created. It's cozy and with so much light. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure you'll be very inspired there. :)

Cheryl sa...

Looks like a great place to spend time. The light coming from that window is fantastic. Enjoy!

miniacollection sa...

I just love your room. There is space and it is bright.It must be lovely to work in it. I like the fact that it is a workroom and a rest room at the same time.

Alienora sa...

Wonderful place to work and to rest:))))

Flora sa...

Oh, Synnøve: this room is so beautiful that it seems that of a dollhouse!
You have surrounded the objects dearest to you, that make you feel good, you see. The result is very pleasant and personal. I like and I am sure there will always inspire new projects successful :-)

Lize sa...

Hi Synnove, your room looks cozy and restful. I am sure you'll have many creative moments there.

Like you, I also work on my 2 Macs. The big one is great for photoshop! And the laptop is great for the table, the floor, the bed, my lap... well just about anywhere!

Looking forward to seeing more progress on the French House.

Ana sa...

Synnove congratulations for your working space, I love it, you have made such a wonderful work, I wish
you enjoy it for many years,

The Old Maid sa...

Beautiful place to waork and to sleep! :)

Janne sa...

For et drømme rom, lyst og lekkert .Du har virkeligen fått det til med koselige detaljer !


Victoria sa...

It's such a wonderful room, with so much light, I love it! Must be very cool to work there.

moti sa...

great room and a loooooooooooot of space!!!!!!, the perfect place to create!!!!!!!!


Silke Janas-Schloesser sa...

What a beautiful workroom !! and so orderly ! Wonderful to see. Thanks for sharing . I wish you great inspirations.

Fete et Fleur sa...

SUPER GORGEOUS! You have a wonderful eye for details and decoration. Your wood floor is beautiful!


MiniLover sa...

How lucky you are to have such beautiful space to live and work in!

Irene sa...

What a fabulous space to work in - I am so envious! Are you always this neat or is it because it's new? I love it. One day, when the offspring leave home, I might have a workroom too - lol.

Josje sa...

Well I can see I'm not the only one who likes your room ;) You have worked hard to achieve this lovely, comfortable and pretty room. I am sure it is a pleasure to spend some time in there, working on your dollshouse or on your computer(s).

Linda Carswell sa...

This is a fabulous room, your decorating skills are not just confinded to the miniature world. It is lovely to have a peak into the work room of other miniaturist, it will be a fabulous room in which to many an hour making miniatures.....lovely!

Linda x

Debbie sa...

Your room is beautiful with lots of space to work in. Thanks for sharing the pictures..x

Julianna sa...

Wonderful room! I´m just dreaming of having a room of my own... :)

Sabiha Barkey sa...

Well, you have created a wonderful and cosy workspace for your self!
I hope your new work space gives you lots of new inspirational ideas to make the most beautiful minies!


Mimmi sa...

For et nydelig hobbyrom, du er virkelig heldig som har noe sånt!