søndag 14. mars 2010

No minis, just a 1:1 scale project!

As some of you might know; I am moving from my flat to a big old house belonging to my boyfriend.
It is about 1 hour drive from my old place.  It's a old farmhouse belonging to a big forest property.

I am not doing a lot of painting and redecoration in this house, but I am painting this one room upstairs.
It's going to function as a workroom/guest room, but mainly MY room in this big house.
As you see from these pictures, it needs a lot of paint and work. I have been plastering holes, bumps, removing old paint, sanding..... my right arm hurts!!!!


Finally the walls, windows and the door are painted... need another coat though!!
Then there is the brick wall next to the cosy old oven, it needs a coat too. The last thing will be painting the floor. Not sure about the color though.....
It has to be ready the weekend before Easter. I need to get the guest bed from my flat and a lot of other stuff....I have started packing. I started with the french house.. it was hard to start packing it down. Felt like I was packing down my real house... hm..strange feeling!!!
I will keep you updated:)

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Gonda's miniature sa...

Oooh lovey your new house, great natur around the house, much better than the flat??

Norma sa...

How exciting! It looks like an amazing place. Good luck with the decorating!! Please keep posting about your progress :)

Linda Carswell sa...

It is exciting, the house looks huge! Your work room looks fabulous and so much fun to redecorate.
I understand how you feel about having to pack up your miniature house, I have had to pack and move the petite maison several times and I still have one more move to do....about 3 months away.
Enjoy your new life!
Linda x

Sabiha Barkey sa...

Wow...you are living a fairytale!!!
You are so blessed living in such a beautiful home with such a history and this wonderful landscape all around you!!!! I think your room will become the most wonderful off them all when it is finished,loved to come over and sleep in the geust room,haha!


Christel Jensen sa...

Nice big room. You can have a lot of dollhouses in here;) The walls looks so good after you painted them too. I am looking forward to see it in real life. Maybe this summer:)

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

Synnove ma chère! You will now have a fairytale home of your own! It is marvelous my dear! So good to see your average scale life! I have to post something on my mini blog soon.....bisous! Anita

sylvia sa...

How wonderful the new house and the view is so beautiful!
I love all the wood ( I know, it's a lot of painting but after that it looks so wonderful)
Good luck and keep on posting about all the work.
Till the SIMP, I am looking forward to it.

Love Sylvia

dora sa...

That House so beautiful! It will be wonderful.

Lize sa...

A wonderful view out of the window. That will surely compensate for sore arms! It is also good that you have had so much practice and experience in miniature before tackling the 1:1 scale one.

I have moved 10 times in 10 years, and it is always stressful, even if you are looking forward to it. So the best of luck Synnoves!

Irene sa...

Your new house looks lovely, all that space and the room, well.....it'll be fab when it's all kitted out. You must show pics of your progress.

DollMum sa...

Have fun with the move - aching arms and all! What a lovely big room for your dollhouse work room and it will look great once you've done all that hard work.

synnøve sa...

Hello, having a break from the painting, having coffee and reading all the nice comments on my post!
It is truly an amazing place and a house with a lot of history!
The main income comes from the forest;
wood and moose hunting!!

Speaking about painting; I spent about 10 years painting the house I built on the west coast. The whole house had wood floors, walls and roof!
Puh...when finally finished, I installed a belfast sink, wich I had dreamt of for 10 years... it was beautiful.
Then I sold it!!!
After finishing this room I'll stick to miniature painting!!

Have a wonderful sunday!
And all of you are of course invited to Aas Gård in Norway :)
A big hug to all of you :)

Karin Corbin sa...

What a lovely and romantic new home and workspace for you. So much nicer to have the boyfriend right there too.

But how will you get any work done after I have moved into your guest room for the summer?

synnøve sa...

It would just be fun Karen, we could work together on the french house!!! I am not looking forward to the exterior work and you seems to be good with tools and all kinds of buildings..that roof of the acorn cottage; omg!!!

dale sa...

The house looks wonderful!

How nice to have a room of one's own. :)

Evelien sa...

What a beautiful house and landscape! I can only imagine how nice it must be to be making minis in your future workroom!

Every bit of painting is an investment in your future happiness. (does that relieve the sores a bit ;) ) Hope you'll be really happy there with your boyfriend! O and...don't sell it after painting ;)

groetjes Evelien

Cynthia's Minilife sa...

Congratulations, Synnove! What a beautiful historic house - and in a gorgeous country setting. I'm sure you'll find much happiness and inspiration here.

Sofia sa...

Thanks for sharing!
I wish you the best. I'm looking foward to see your room ready.
I love those pictures frames in the wall of the green room. I'm sure you will be very happy in your beautiful new home.



maria sa...

Gongratulations, living together with your boyfriend.
What a nice house he has.
Good luck and lots of love and happy times together.
Hope your room gonna be just as you want.

Lara sa...

Wow, you are a lucky girl. What a beautiful house and beautiful surroundings. And a big room for the dollshouses. Keep us updated please. Minihugs, Lara

Marit sa...

Oh wow, a real Scandinavian postcard-house! In the middle of nature and with a large, beautiful room for your miniatures, you lucky girl!


Liberty Biberty sa...

What a fantastic room Synnove!
You are going to have fun decorating it!

rosanna sa...

I'm not a jealous or envious person, I never want what other people have ....but this time my will is deeply touched. Your house is beautiful!!!! the land is gorgeous and those woods...I wonder how you will be able to leave it even for short breaks.My idea of Scandinavia is made upon Emil's book (and that's Sweden not Norway) but the fairy tale mood is exactly what I imagined. Synnove, I'm really happy for you. Have fun decorating Rosanna

miniacollection sa...

Fantastic and exciting ! It will be a great change to live in a big house. The view we see from one of the room is beautiful.
I like the photos of the interior, as you said it's full of history. Good luck with the decorating of your room.
I hope you will show us more of the house.
Even if it fells strange to pack your French house I'm sure you will have great pleasure in unpacking it and finding a good place for it.
Best wishes.

rosanna sa...

Well, I suppose you are right. Too much colf for me up there...but, even though it might sound strange, I have a Russian acquietance who always repeats me that she has never suffered from cold as much as in Genoa.We do not have very low temperatures, barely arrive around 0°, but there is much humidity and a bracing wind. It's true that I feel better at -20° skiing that at my bus stop trying to resist the wind :O) I'd love to come to Norway anyway...sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. Hugs Rosanna

michelle sa...

A beautiful house, Synnove!!

Julianna sa...

What a wonderful house!!! And what a wonderful room you´re getting! :) So you have a new period of time in your life. Congratulations about that and hope you have a great life with your boyfriend in that gorgeous house!

Lena sa...

Grattis till ditt nya boende, det ser verkligen helt fantastiskt vackert ut!
Ser fram emot att få se det rum du håller på att renovera. Det verkar finnas gott om utrymme för dina miniatyrer...

Hälsningar Lena!

Ana sa...

Synnove you may be tired at the end of the day, but I´m sure you are happy with such a lovely house, at the end you will be compensated,

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures sa...

What a beautiful house! I just love old houses and the view is so nice, how incredible for you. :)
Good luck with the move and with finishing all the painting.

Meli sa...

What a lovely and big house!!!
Take it easy and enjoy decorating and moving to this great house.

Jean Day sa...

It is a beautiful room, I love it and your colour for the walls is so bright and lovely. You must be very busy, such a wonderful time for you! Congratulations!

Anonym sa...

Så fint det ble!Gleder meg til å komme i påsken! :D<3
Koz og klemz Vicktick ;*

Castles Crowns and Cottages sa...

Ma chère Synnove,

Thank you for coming to my blog post! You are an angel as well, so kind and gentle. I hope that you moving has been going smoothly; you are going to have so much fun decorating! Best wishes and blessings to you and your boyfriend!!!!