onsdag 17. mars 2010

Hey.. you spring, come and see us too!!!!

Some of you have varm sun and spring flowers peaking up!!!
I have snow in my hair!!!!

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Florine sa...

Yes we do! But in July and August we may also see the thermometer reach 109F at 4 in the afternoon...like last year!
Enjoy your snow!

Christel Jensen sa...

You just have to embrace it;) That is how it is to live in the mountains:) More skiing for you this weekend maybe?

dale sa...

Does spring come there?

sylvia sa...

I am sorry for you, but Spring is in the Netherlands(LOL)
Now you have time to paint, otherwise you want to sit in the sun.
I am also looking forward to Paris, it will be fun.
Hugs Sylvia

synnøve sa...

Florine, I am not sure where u live in the US, but I was driving through Minnesota to Boseman/Montanaduring in the end of July, it was really hot and SO nice, I loved it!! I did not want to return to Norway!!!!!

Christel; tanks' for reminding me..I almost forgot I love snowboard! I will do some, maybe this sunday:)

Dale; I am really not sure!!

Sylvia; Please send it my way soon :)

Lara sa...

I can imagine you must be sick of the snow :-(
I feel sorry for you. But spring will come that's for sure ;-)

Janne sa...

For en nydelig plass og utsikt.Håper det kommer flere bilder etterhvert :)
Her er snøen nesten borte å snøklokkene er så vidt kommet frem .

Crazy4minis sa...

Yes, please Spring come here to!

dale sa...

Synnove, I'm sending you warm thoughts, perhaps that will melt some of the snow away.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

miniacollection sa...

It's incredible all the snow you still have got. Since Tuesday it's like spring in Orléans. Let's hope it's for good and let's hope it will go to your country too.
Like all of us you no doubt need it.
Nina and Lucie will celebrate spring very soon.

synnøve sa...

Lara: Thank you so much! But I guess it is like Christel says; just means some more skiing and snowboard:)

Janne; I will post more pictures, be sure :)

Weronica; do you still have snow too?

Dale: Thank you, I can feel them :)

Genviève: I would love to be in your garden and play too :)

Eva sa...

I need the Spring too!!! I can wait more!!
Last week was snowing in my city (very unusual!!)
I liev in Spain...where is our famous Sun????????????

Roberta sa...

Spring is trying to come but clouds are more strong than it....just two days of sun and now rain and cold!!!
Summer is so far away from now.....
Warm hug

synnøve sa...

Seems like spring is an unfaithful friend this year :(
One thing is having to stand snow "close to the
north-pole", but I can truly understand the frustration of you living in Spain or Italy!!!
Hugs to all of you :)

Atticbabys sa...

Good weather to stay inside and play with your dollhouse! Of course I'd want to play with yours year round!

michelle sa...

Ok, it's spring here in Belgium too and I also love the sun more then snow...but it's a really beautiful picture all that snow...but enough is enough....come on sun!!