torsdag 12. november 2009

Girls love dolls, don´t they?

I, like every little girl, used to love dolls! Not all kinds of dolls, they HAD to look like real babies!!
Luckily, that has changed :) I still love dolls, and I have found my new favorites at: by the talented artist Nancy Gerber!
These dolls are so lovely and special!
Just have a look, and I am sure you all agree!!

4 kommentarer:

miniacollection sa...

How right you are ! I went to the blog and the dolls are really beautiful, thank you for sharing this blog. As you said no need to be a child to love dolls...

DollMum sa...

Those dolls are very special - I really like the Jane Austin doll which sold on ebay for lots of money.

Lize sa...

Those dolls are absolutely adorable.

I think you have been very busy lately and will surprise us soon with what you have been doing? I am very curious to see what finishing touches you have been adding to your pretty french 'maison'!

Sanschichis sa...

What a superb blog! Not only your accomplishments are great, but you made us discover great artists! Thank you and bravo!