onsdag 7. oktober 2009

The Sewing room!

Finally I found the inspiration I´v been looking for; Lea´s book of course! The room vas dull and hard to decorate, much to do with the bedroom wallpaper! It´s not easy to find something to match it. I like it when two room´s don´t collide in style or color. Originally I wanted the small fireplace in the bedroom, but came up with that idea too late!! So when looking through the book for the 100 time...ah ha...that´s what I´ll do; make new walls on cardboard, and the fireplace of course! It was so easy and fun to do. But I have only made the wall you see in the picture. Now I have to do the rest of the room...not so fun, but I must!!! The poor french woman has no hair
(I am going to make her a wig, eventually!) and no clothes, except what she´s wearing. No wonder she´s sewing!!
I would like you to give me an idea of a french name that suites her. The wig will be dark, maybe long hair..... and the time period is now! Just look at her washer!!

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Janne sa...

Wow, dette ble bare lekkert Synnøve.
En fine harmoni i rommet,fine og avstemte farver.Kommer så gjerne på besøk :)

Sabiha Barkey sa...

The sewing room is wonderfull and I love the fire place with the decorations! The dress is also a master piece...did you sew it?

Reiko sa...

What a nice room. I just love the fireplace hopefully I will be able to make such when I start with my own house. I just made panels myself but the panels you have in your room has a bit more vintage style than mine. I painted mine with gesso how did you paint ours ?

Eva J sa...

Ett underbart rum - jag håller
också på med paneler i min romantiska låda! Namnförslag:
Blanche, trots det långa mörka
håret - hon verkar ju tycka om vitt! :)
/Eva J

Liberty Biberty sa...

Well, she's a lucky lady to have such a beautiful sewing room!
I look at Lea's book almost every day, it just makes me happy!

Anonym sa...

Oooh, this is wonderful, nice fire place and the white color it's just lovely, you make this al by yourself??? greetings Gonda.

synnøve sa...

Hei Janne, ja kom gjerne på besøk :D

Sabiha: Oh no...I can not make such a lovely dress!
I bought it at the Kensington DF, sorry to say I don´t remember who!

Reiko: I just painted everything in regular white paint and then after it dried, I painted it with a light brown/yellow mixture of paint.... but I would really like to try gesso. Unfortunately I can´t get that here, have to go to the big city to get it!!
Eva; Jeg liker navnet..

Mercedes; I have spent every free moment at her blog for the last 3 years...to get the book was just wonderful! And I met her at the Paris fair in 08.
She´s a lovely and very french person! It was so fun, I gave her one of my magazines, and she has a post on it at her blog!!!

Eva J sa...

Hej igen Synnöve - får jag fråga
en sak som jag länge undrat över -
gesso - vet du vad svenska motsvarigheten heter? har letat och letat men hittar ingen info.
Är det någon typ av gipsfärg?

/Eva J

rosanna sa...

I spotted rightly! the little dress is lovely and the room is oh so lovely. I'd like a place like this. Seemingly Lea's book has become a bible for miniaturist, and she truly is a charming Lady. Mini hugs

Lize sa...

Beautiful fireplace and wallpaper! I was convinced the lady had just washed her hair before she started sewing.

kathi sa...

Good morning! I just found your beautiful blog today. I've read all of your posts! I love your floors!
They are so pretty! I'm hoping to make some nice floors for my dollhouse someday. I love the painted ones especially!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful miniatures!

Julianna sa...

So beautiful room! That fireplace is gorgeous and I love that dress!

Tingeling sa...

The sewing room is so beautiful with light colours and peaceful atmosphere. The fireplace with decorations is lovely.

minicrochetmad sa...

Such a beautiful room! You do wonderful work!!

miniaturist59 sa...

Wow, your work is just gorgeous!!