tirsdag 8. september 2009

Selling real miniature watercolor pictures!

I was supposed to be selling these at the Stavanger fair, but could not be there. So I am trying to sell them here instead. They are painted by a norwegian artist: Grethe Selbæk Solemsløkk. Just google her and read about her.
The small watercolor paintings are painted on my request, so they are quite exclusive. They measure about 3 cm X 2.5 cm, some of them a little bit smaller.
1 picture costs 20 €
The first one to ask for a picture gets it, and I will remove them as they get sold!
Enjoy :D

PS: Colors will be a bit different from what they look like on your screen.
If you want to order, just refer to them as number 1 or 2 from the top.


8 kommentarer:

KarenHarveyCox sa...

Each one of these paintings are lovely. I love miniature paintings. Your blog is lovely.


dora sa...

Son preciosos, me gustan mucho, seguro que tendrá exito.

Janne sa...

Da har jeg bestemt meg for nr 10


Christel Jensen sa...

Hei Synnøve
Flotte bilder du har fått tak i:) Neste steg blir kanskje et galleri i miniatyr da?

Matxalen sa...

Your paintings are beautifull. I love

Nuri sa...

I love this blog. I gave you an award Mimo.

Roberta Granada sa...

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Debora sa...

Lovely paintings. And in watercolor even more adorable!!