søndag 27. september 2009

Rosanna made me a tea cosy!!!!

Talented, sweet Rosanna made me this lovely tea cosy!! And as a surprise the sweet "armitié" pillow, along with two boxes and a macaroon! Thank you Rosanna :D
The lady of the french house have had a refreshing morning shower, and wants to enjoy breakfast in her cosy bedroom. She likes to sit there, on the top floor, watch the sunrise and enjoy a nice cup of warm coffee!!!

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Linda Carswell sa...

Rosanna certainly is a treasure, the tea cosy is beautiful, it looks lovely in your amazing room...it's all beautiful!!

Liberty Biberty sa...

Rosanna's tea cosy is stunning and so is that beautiful pillow! What a GORGEOUS room!

rosanna sa...

Grazie mille!!! it's the setting which makes the teacozy look nice. Your room is amazing. You and Linda should join and build a whole French neighboroud.I'm happy that the pink pillow has found a home. thank you again.

synnøve sa...

Oh..thank you, Rosanna, but you made it so perfect for my style!!!
I cannot say when, but I will post some pictures from the dining room (have to furnish it and take the pictures first!!!!!)That room is where it´s going to have it´s regular place...I think. It would be so fun to come together with all our french stuff.... all the lovers of french style!!!

Sabiha Barkey sa...

Rosanna,is very talented and the tea cosy is so beautiful...I love the room!


marlies sa...

Rosanna makes the most beautiful tea cosys, yours is verry beautiful, it fits perfectly. Love the intire room, its verry lovely.
Where did you get that beautiful wallpaper? It is gorgious!
* marlies

synnøve sa...

Thank you all for nice comments:D
The wallpaper is a sheet of perfumed paper for drawers from Laura Ashley. I scanned a piece I found and put the piece together using photoshop! The wallpaper in the dressing room is from a real wallpaper, scanned and scaled down a bit.

dora sa...

Le ha quedado una habitación, preciosa, muy bonita, felicidades.