onsdag 29. juli 2009

Gardening tools!

Hello everybody!
Back home from a great trip to the US. Stayed a while with Nancy in Minneapolis (She´s a good friend who also helped me editing my english translation of Et Dukkehjem) She lives in a cosy neighborhood nearby the airport ( and Mall of Amerika!!!)
One day we went shopping in her neighborhood and found a wonderful shop with all kind of flowers and garden accessories. I also found these sweet rusty miniature garden tools, watering can and the lovely bench. The shop is named "Twiggs" owned by a lovely lady by the name Beth Patrin ( 612-823-TWIG). And of course, I had to pay a visit to "Little Enchantments". As far as I know it´s the only miniature shop in MN. I only bought some frames,"Museum gel", a bottle of Perrier, spring onions and Nacy bought me the cellery, (because I like it so much in real life!) Thank you Nancy!
More pictures from the trip will be posted after the weekend!

4 kommentarer:

Susanne sa...

Lovely shoppings you have made =) Can`t wait to see some more pictures about your trip.

I have a surprise to you at my blog =)

Hugs, Susanne from Villa Juulia

Linda Carswell sa...

I so love your gardening tools....(I'll be heading off to America soon!)

Christel Jensen sa...

Hei Synnøve:)
Har en morsom utfordring til deg. Kom til bloggen min å se:)

marlies sa...

Good shopping you did, love the rusty gardening tools, lovely gift you had.
* marlies